The exhibition in New Alexander McQueen Make-up is needed to see

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Feather-faced beauty at Alexander McQueen

With all the hype around epic retrospective of Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty , we were not surprised when hate satellite began to appear around London. But if, like us, you can not be bothered to queue for tickets or just fancy sandwich in an extra piece of couture between seeing James Phillips’ McQueen play, then this latest offering is right up your street.

Warpaint: Alexander McQueen and Make-Up at the legendary London College Of Fashion is the first exhibition ever to explore the catwalk make-up of McQueen. Unraveling the process and inspiration behind the collections exotic and fantastic beauty looks through the main, the exhibition draws from the most trusted McQueen makeup artists and their work now historic.

From Val Garland of Peter Phillips and Sharon Dowsett, industry experts beauty makes you behind the scenes reveal the devices and techniques used to achieve a single, highly conceptual McQueen. Think everything from feathers knobbly gently around the eyes to create an effect of owl-like hair molded into two ridges alien-esque.

Viewing look twenty thirteen collections, including 1997 La Poupee and the collection of McQueen final Atlantis of Plato , and offering visitors the chance to see if McQueen themselves in a make-up look using app specially created for Holition, FACE, is the most exciting show to hit London since, well … Savage Beauty

What do the experts have to say

Val Garland -.?
‘Lee was obsessed with a skeletal type of beauty, had this idea’ otherworldly ‘of perfection that was on edge. Instead of adding, would take away the features to make the bone structure more prominent ‘

Sharon Dowsett –

‘. To get the look for Untitled ( Golden Shower , SS98) show, I made the lashes with feathers and shaped to resemble bat wings and fins of fish. A team that worked on the Star Wars films applied prosthetic eyebrows models, creating a look very mannequin-like. In the middle of the show, the water started dripping on the catwalk to the tune of ‘I Can not Stand the Rain’. Lee wanted to ‘make-up to look’ models destroyed ‘- to look like their mascara had run. We were around the backstage adding black tears while the show went on. ‘

A must for lovers of beauty and fashion addicts all over the world, the exhibition is also free. Yup, you heard us, completely free. Sorry V & A, LCF gets our vote this time

Warpaint :. Alexander McQueen and Make-Up opens at the London College Of Fashion Space Gallery in fashion April 30 to August 7, 2015. Admission is free

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