The Hot New Backstage Beauty Heroes

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Giselle getting her make-up done

If you’re looking for that must-have tool to give you the perfect eyeliner flick or a product to remove make-up in the click of a Prada clutch, chances are the backstage hair and make-up maestros will have discovered it first (usually in some far flung corner of the world.) Micellar water? Hair donuts? Backstage was using them way before we even knew what they were and now we’re about to bring you our latest backstage discoveries. You heard it here first:

Mini Eggs

WHAT?: Mini eggs (of the make-up sponge variety)
WHY?: We were first introduced to the BeautyBlender many moons ago backstage in NYC and now that familiar fushcia egg has become a make-up bag staple but when we discovered that there was a mini version our hearts melted. The make-up artist we quizzed about them said that the smaller size means that they’re great for getting into all those nooks and crannies such as concealing around the nose and in the inner corners of the eyes. Altogether now ‘ahhhh’.

Nars velvet Matte

WHAT?: Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint
DISCOVERED AT: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Alexander Wang, Thakoon, Christopher Kane etc etc
WHY?: Sitting somewhere between a tinted moisturiser and a foundation – these skin-perfecting heroes were spotted everywhere that natural-looking flawless skin was in attendance. The bad news? You'll have to wait until until February 2016 to get your mitts on them.

Cotton Buds

WHAT?: Quirky cotton buds
DISCOVERED AT:  Michael Kors
WHY?: We love a cotton bud. Not only can they clean up a multitude of make-up sins they can actually help shape your make-up look too so when we discovered these little beauties we wanted the low-down. Apparently, the paddle-shaped tip is great for removing errant eyeshadow etc from under the eyes whilst the black buds are perfect for defining eyeliner and precision touch-ups as the fibres are less visible and don’t shed. Sadly for us Blighties both were bought in Japan.


WHAT?: Elastic reel
DISCOVERED AT: Oscar De La Renta
WHY?: Forget bands, the neatest way to secure your updo is with a length of elastic. It might take two people to do, but tying your elastic rather than having to pull the hair through it (and risk messing up a super-sleek ponytail) is backstage hair rule #1. Some shows also fed the elastic through oversized needles and literally sewed the updo into place as it meant that the stylists could avoid having to use lots of pins and the elastic still meant that the ‘do had a bit of bounce to it as the girls walked down the runways.

Tide To Go

WHAT?: Tide To Go
DISCOVERED AT:  Everywhere
WHY?: These stain-removing pens are a must where models, green-juice and couture clothes collide. It’s one of the things us beauty journos always stock up on in New York and can be found in most Pharmacies (as well as Amazon over here – it’s just far more fun to buy them in Duane Reade!).


WHAT?: Sponge paddles
WHY?: These candy-coloured beauties immediately caught our attention backstage at Thakoon. What are they? Sponges (again – bought in Japan), that are used to apply foundation under the eyes and clean up any smoky eye mis-haps. We want!


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