The Jimmy Choo Guide To BuyingDesigner Heels And Walking In Them

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24 May 2017
by: Josh Newis-Smith

Sandra Choi, the creative director of Jimmy Choo, is the First Lady of footwear. Despite Choi admitting that, “half the time I’m in the studio I’m bare foot,” what the shoe designer doesn’t know about heels isn’t worth knowing, having worked at the footwear house since its inception in 1996. So who could be better placed to advise you on the shoes you need to invest in now, the bridal shoes that will finish off any wedding dress and crucially how to cheat your feet into walking in high heels…

“Walking in heels is all about practice. You have to own the shoes, don’t let the shoes own you! Start with a heel height that you find comfortable and then work up. There are so many different heel shapes to play with now, it’s not just spindly stilettos.”

I have some tricks for walking in high heels but know your limits! You should never stumble anywhere, that’s not a good look! I make heels more comfortable by working from lower heel heights to higher ones. I do occasionally rest my foot, so when I’m going out and standing on a certain heel height for a while, I put all my pressure on one foot and then lean on the other foot.”

“Mix up a sexy sandal with socks like Kendall. Just the other day Kendall Jenner wore a pair of Jimmy Choos (above) on the red carpet. The picture was insane, and she wore it with a pair of socks. You can keep re-wearing your favourite footwear if you mix up the accessories.”

“If you are going to make one investment make it a pair of black heeled pumps. I have many favourites and I’m not going to discriminate any of my Choos but I do really like our plain pumps!”

Black Suede Pumps

Available at Jimmy Choo | £395


“Avoid the white stiletto! I’ve tried it a few times and I’m not one to be afraid of trends. Even though some stylists can make it look amazing, I’ll never go there is the white stiletto, they just seem to make your feet look big. You can be very clever with it, but it’s definitely a style challenge. It’s not an easy thing to pull off in real life.”

“Invest in statement shoe or a mule for summer. Anything that is slightly chunkier and mixes in other elements in like embellishment or a wooden heel is very now. The slip on mule is also great. I wasn’t sure if it was going to stick, but we have the pink ones, we have the studded ones and all in different heel heights.”

Satin Slip-on Heeled Mules

Available at Jimmy Choo at | £650


“If your feet are hurting NEVER take your shoes off because once you do that’s it, the night is over! Keep your Jimmy Choos on at all times!”

“Brides should go for glitter wedding shoes. It’s such a nice shimmer and it’s amazing underneath a beautiful sculptured wedding dress. You need to use your accessories as a pick me up and the glitter has always been a popular choice. It’s surprisingly timeless and you need something you are going to love for a really long time as you are going to be still showing your wedding pictures in ten years time. You need to think in terms of timelessness and longevity!”

Heeled Glitter Pumps

Available at Jimmy Choo at | £395


“Put sexiness over comfort – it’s mind over matter! Find something sexy and good looking first and then worry about comfort later. There has to be a degree of ‘ just wear it, who cares!’ If you love your shoes you will go the extra mile for whatever you’re wearing.”

“If in doubt just party in trainers. Nowadays you can wear a pair of trainers to a party, there is no limit! Work your look, it doesn’t always have to be high heels.”

White Leather Buckle Trainers

Available at Jimmy Choo at | £395


“Michelle Obama can teach you a lot about heels. When I received the invitation to go and meet her I said, ‘clear my diary!’ She was really informed and I was completely overwhelmed by how much knowledge she has. She’ll go that extra mile, it’s an art.”

“Leave the heels when doing the school run. I can do the school run (Sandra has two children) in a pair of slippers or espadrilles. We’ve got some great stunning espadrilles coming. When I get into the office, I swap to whatever take my fancy – half the time I’m in the studio I’m bare foot!”

Sandra Choi spoke to Joshington Hosts at the launch of the Jimmy Choo x Glitter Collection at The Garden Museum in London last night.


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