The new beauty of the site that got Us Hooked (Be prepared to lose days)

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New beauty site POWDER - beauty just got personal

If you are among the millions of women who ate never typed in phrases like Google ‘best moisturizer for oily skin’ ‘best eye cream for dark circles’ or ‘what is a serum?’ will know the results come in thousands and are usually staggering.

Powder is simple. It is a game of cosmetics-maker that uses a robot space age to pair up with your soul mate and last beauty is totally addictive. You put in what kind of person you are, your skin tone, what kind of product you are looking for and, above all, what you want me to do for you. Then out of sheer beauty magic back to you with your ideal partners in a number of price ranges, along with how to use them. You can click to buy them right away or keep them in your beauty drawer later.

Just like Facebook, Feed beauty is constantly updated so you are guaranteed waiting for a train and find yourself checking out articles on eating your way to better skin and how to choose the perfect red lipstick. And ‘brand new so the news was added to all the time and we look forward to the make-up and hair care categories to get in the mix.

The best thing is to find products specifually matched with you so a bit ‘as the emotion to come out, just do not end up losing your faith in men

WARNING :. your bank account and social life MIGHT www


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