The No-Braid Braid (Aka The ‘Do We’re Totally Trying At Home)

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It’s the penultimate day of NYFW and things are hotting up on the hair front over at DKNY. From the poker-straight Peter Lindberg-esque tresses of the SS16 show, this season the DKNY girl has chucked in her Wall Street boyfriend, got a piercing (or three) and moved to the East Village.

Hair supremo Eugene Souleiman described the look as a “Downtown mash-up,” and mash-up it was (in the best possible way). Whilst each girl was treated to a slightly different look to suit their personality and style, there were three distinct elements to draw on; a Sumo ‘hun’, grungy, lived-in texture and a box braid – without the braid part (our personal favourite). Some girls might get all three elements, some only one or two  – it was all about keeping things ‘spontaneous’ according to Eugene.

And having (quite literally) seen four seasons in four days (minus 12 degrees to torrential rain to snow and back again), this was rather reassuring for our own frazzled locks as frizz was no longer a dirty word backstage; in fact it was positively embraced.

“It’s a bit of a pop-up salon approach to hair,” explained Eugene. “The casting is pretty diverse (a trend we’ve seen at pretty much every show FYI) so we’re imagining what each girl might ask for if she was actually here to get her hair done for something other than a fashion show.”

So back to the most interesting detail of the look; The principals of this ‘no-braid braid’ are the same as a normal cornrow but instead of crossing over the little sections of hair taken from either side of the central panel as you would a plait, they’re twisted and incorporated into one main section of hair.

This length of hair (or no-braid braid) is then tied off at intervals with white elastic. (The stark white of the elastic is key to keeping it looking like it’s a deliberate accent rather than messy bits of hair band simply there to keep it in place).

Geddit? No? Well we suggest you screengrab this picture and take it to someone who does as we predict it’ll be the hottest look of the festival circuit this summer.


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