The normalization of Tilda Swinton

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Tilda Swinton Trainwreck Transformation Film

You can barely recognize Tilda Swinton in stills of his new film Trainwreck. In place of his now iconic androgynous look, the actress has been completely transformed into a run of the mill blonde – smoky eyes, tea stain tan, highlights the striatum -! Work

Metamorphosis Swinton is fascinating glimpse into a world where the strongest individual looks are wiped out and one in which beauty “normcore” prevails. In real life Swinton prefers an incisive look. Its asymmetrical near moved back and sides juts out at angles against the cheekbones incredibly strong and even though she is often partial wear lip and cheek color, she tends to let her eyebrows and eyes completely naked. And ‘bold look and she is probably the only woman in the world (save Gwendoline Christie) who could do it, but that’s why we like it.

of its new “look” Swinton says: ‘I am happy to say that they are unrecognizable,’ and as an afterthought, ‘I do not know if you really want to be recognized in this role. ‘In the film Swinton plays a fairly unpleasant editor of a men’s fashion magazine, complete with trend bronde blowdry and a pearly white smile. Laughing off the new look, he said: ‘. It ‘a lot of makeup and some kind of tandoori tan and a wig’ Good to know that it is reversible, then …

Let’s look a little ‘more in detail. Apart from the wig the first big difference is the Trainwreck Tilda has eyebrows. It sounds like a minor tweak but eyebrows can really transform the overall look of a person’s face. Secondly she wears eye makeup. Lots of eye makeup. Gone is the look a bit ‘Scandinavian and in its place something more familiar, a smoky eye soft coal. Interestingly, although the addition of eyebrows and an eyeline should draw attention to your features, Tilda on the effect seems reversed and we lose a little ‘of her character – ah the anti-power of make-up ! His skin color is also radically different – usually a translucent ivory, Trainwreck Tilda looks as if it has been trialling the new St Tropez Gradual Tanning Lotion Shower with some success

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July 22, 2015 at 10:20 pm PDT

In the past Tilda had a strong enough role to match her hair and makeup iconic – Eva in now We talk about Kevin, The White Witch in The Chronicles of Narnia, Margaret in The Deep End (2001) and, of course, the housewife unbalanced in recent music video for David Bowie. Certainly he never played the first fashionista, which makes us wondering what will be the next transformation – the girl next door? Now that really it would be unrecognizable.


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