The Oscar Winning Half-Up Half-Down Hair Off – Alicia Vikander VS Brie Larson

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The old half-up half-down 'do, it's nothing new to hit the red carpet but forget the super preened beehives of old, this year it was all about switching it up for a casual take on a classic look.

Between Alicia Vikander's super casual knot and Brie Larson's princess perfect jewelled loose waves, both women took home an Oscar but who won in the half-up half-down hair stakes?

It's messy cool kid vs glam Hollywood gal and, honestly, we sort of want both. Either way, our wedding hair inspo Pinterest boards just a whole load of new additions. Thanks Oscars!

Think both women were winners? Here's everything you need to know about their Oscar-worthy half-up half-down 'dos…

Brie Larson's Bling Hair Embellishment

The Stylist

Mara Roszak aka Brie's go to hair stylist and the reason her hair is always a red carpet hit. Seriously, from a chic twisted knot and an ultra messy ponytail to super sleek straight hair and a tousled up do, Mara's got it down.

The Inspo

'Because Brie was wearing a gorgeous royal blue Gucci dress, I wanted her hair to have a celestial but fresh look to compliment it so we did a modern half-up half-down style.'

Get The Look

1. Part hair in the centre and blow dry with a round brush.
2. Use curling tongs to create soft loose waves. Mara used ghd curve Classic Curl Irons, £120.
3. Brush out the waves and apply serum on the lengths and ends for extra shine.
4. Take the front pieces of hair on both sides and twist them pulling them round to the back. Pin in place.
5. Mara then took a piece of fabric that matched Brie's belt and placed it on top of the pins, wrapping the extra hair that was hanging around the fabric and weaving it around.


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Feb 28, 2016 at 7:59pm PST


Alicia Vikander's Messy Knot

The Stylist

London's very own George Northwood aka the man behind Rosie H-W's LOB, Alexa's tresses and now Alicia's go-to red carpet stylist.

The Inspo

Ok so it's not the official inspo behind Alicia's half-up half-down messy knot, but we think it looks awfully similar to Cheryl's Beauty And The Beast Brits moment. Just sayin…

Get The Look

1. Part hair into a loose centre parting before taking the top third section and pulling up into a ponytail. 
2. Wrap the ponytail round itself so it forms a bun and pin in place.
3. Leave the lengths of the rest of the hair down and lightly tong in random sections to create soft waves that aren't too uniform.
4. Finish with some dry texturising spray throughout the lengths.


A photo posted by george northwood (@georgenorthwood) on

Feb 28, 2016 at 4:02pm PST


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