The Reason Why Cate Blanchett HatesHer SkintightThor Ragnarok Suit

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BY: Lara Walsh
27 Jul 2017

Cate Blanchett is more than ready to ditch the skintight leather getup of Thor‘s super villainess, Hela.

While discussing her role as Marvel’s first female super villain at Comic-Con and on Thursday’s Today Extra, the Academy Award-winning actress revealed that she is definitely not a fan of her “horrendous” costume.

“I get in shape, then I’m back to eating hamburgers,” the Australian beauty, who portrays the goddess of death in the popular superhero franchise, dished when speaking about how she fits into the uncomfortably sexy ensemble, according to the Daily Mail.

But she believes co-star Chris Hemsworth had it worse on some fronts. “I think the restroom is harder for Chris,” she admitted, though her particular distaste for her and Mark Ruffalo’s mobcap suits was much stronger. “Mark and I were wearing mobcap suits a lot, which are easy to go in,” she explained. “And probably no would notice if you did it in the suit. They’re so horrendous. But I did not.”

It looks like it was all worth it for the actress, though. After garnering early rave reviews for her performance, Blanchett called the trailblazing role a “happy accident” at Comic-Con. “It’s a universe that I’ve sort of been happily dragged into by my kids,” she said.

Bravo, Cate!


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