The Revenge Of Mouse Hair: Cara Delevingne Braves The Beige

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Cara Delevigne Mousey Hair

If your teenage years were spent forlorn at the fact that your hair was never really light enough to be blonde and never really dark enough to be brown then you will understand the frustration of having ‘Mousy hair’.  Mouse hair has never really been cool – it is the plain Jane of hair colours and often the torment of those who have it.

That is until now.    Whilst the world was busy commenting on the glorious Britishness of Cara Delevingne’s sarcasm during her Sacramento TV interview, the InStyle Beauty team were obsessing over her incredible hair (obviously).   It was not blonde, it was not brunette but instead a very obvious shade of mouse.  Horray!

So is mouse finally having its moment?  Is it now cool to be a non-colour?  Session hairstylist Anna Cofone thinks so. “Our favourite model Cara Delevingne has got it just right.  Her light brown/ dark blond colour looks luxe and so effortless.’     Cofone is right, the look of luxury has a lot to do with making ‘mouse’ work for you.  ‘The key thing for people who have a natural mousy hair colour is to have regular trims and use hair conditioning treatments to keep it looking shiny and healthy.’

Rocking mousy hair is also a fabulous statement of confidence.   It is as if Cara is saying: “I am growing out my natural hair and it’s one hundred times cooler that your highlights will ever be.  My hair is so cool that I don’t even need to touch it.” She is practically showing off.   There is also something statement about being one blanket tone as opposed to the multi-faceted effect of highlights and lowlights, which feels a little dated.

If you are blonde, redhead or brunette and are considering trying out the mouse look then be carefully to mix up your make-up accordingly.  Taking the warmth out of your hair can off set your complexion and in the process dull it down.  Liven things up again with a bright blusher or bronzer.


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