The Rock Has The Best Lips In Hollywood Naomie Harris On Smooching Dwayne Johnson

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by: Josh Newis-Smith
13 Apr 2018

Rampage, Naomie Harris talks to Joshington Hosts about the deleted scene from the film she can’t forget…

The self-confessed, ‘Chameleon’ of Hollywood, Naomie Harris has quite the CV including an Oscar nominated star turn in Moonlight and an OBE. However starring with The Rock AKA Dwayne Johnson is going right to the top of her illustrious achievements, namely because, “he has the best lips in Hollywood!”

Speaking to our Joshington Hosts AKA Josh Newis-Smith the British actress revealed she actually got to lock lips with the muscled god, but the scene was cut from Rampage. “It got cut from the film but at least I got to experience it – that’s the main thing right? I got the best kiss from Dwayne, he really does have the best lips in Hollywood I have kissed a lot of men in Hollywood… on screen that is!” Boy has clearly got some skills. Can someone get a fan for Naomie in here?

Rampage just like The Rock himself is larger than life. With the world under siege from three animals that have come into contact with a new form of DNA created by Scientist, Kate (played by Naomie), naturally Dwayne, friend of everyone everywhere, joins Naomie on a mission to save the world. Think of it as Jurassic Park on steroids. But there is a twist: these two partners in crime do not fall in love and are just as strong apart as together. To quote the Pussycat Dolls, Naomie “don’t need a man to make things happen!”

Having starred alongside some of the greatest action heroes of all time, when asked who she would call in a legit crisis out of Daniel Craig, The Rock and Will Smith, Naomie went for lolz over practicality. “That’s a hard one but Will Smith would make you laugh the most and I always think that’s the best way to get through a crisis.” Soz not soz, MR. Bond.

With Naomie playing a scientist in Rampage, Joshington put the actress to the test on her GCSE Biology knowledge with interesting results… watch the full video above to see more. Plus watch just how flustered Naomie gets whilst discussing THAT kiss!

Rampage is in cinemas now


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