The Running Accessories That Will Seriously Up Your Game

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14 Dec 2017
by: Hannah Lewis

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Our Shopping Editor Hannah Lewis gives her top tips on the running accessories to totally improve your game. 

I’m sorry to be the one to say it, but the “I just threw on my boyfriend’s clothes to go for a spontaneous run” look just won’t do anymore. These days it’s all about having the proper gear – whether you know what you’re doing or not – and I can vouch that having better running gear really does improve your run. I even managed to run the marathon once (editor’s note: and her colleagues haven’t heard the end of it)! 

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By now, I’m sure you’re clued up on the basics: running leggings, vest tops and trainers, but what about all the other paraphernalia? Have you invested in any running accessories yet? If not, make 2018 the year you take your fitness seriously with one/two/three/all of these running accessories.

Here are the accessories I can’t live without:

Phone Holder

First up, and the most important accessory in my eyes, your iPhone holder. Running along with your phone in your hand is NOT the one and with Whatsapp group chats pinging every second, it’s a distraction that will slow you down. We’ve all been guilty of that sneaky walk to check your Insta-feed, right? During the winter months, armbands are my favourite and I strongly recommend the Nike one, mainly for the ease at which you can put your phone in and out. In the summer, armbands often rub my arm if I am wearing a vest, especially now I have the iPhone 7 Plus – it’s super heavy, so I prefer to get a run pouch that sits around your hips. Perfect for your phone and you can even stuff some sugary snacks in there if you’re going the distance.

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Since it’s bloody freezing outside, do NOT go running without gloves. It’s just not worth the pain of cold, possibly, wet hands, and nor is it comfortable to pull down your jumper over them. Opt for a slim pair so your hands don’t totally overheat such as Sweaty Betty’s pair below.


This may sound obvious, but finding a random pair of odd socks to chuck on and go running in just won’t do. Even with the best trainers your feet really suffer from running, and a good pair of proper running socks is guaranteed to make them happier. Falke has some really great styles that aren’t too thick so will fit nicely inside your trainers. Tip: I buy my running trainers a size bigger to allow for great socks underneath.

Ear Warmer

My ears freeze when I run, almost as soon as October hits, so an ear warmer is a must. Yes, bobble hats work, but after an hour’s run your head will be on fire.

Take a look at my picks of the best running accessories to totally up your running game….


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