The secret to finding the perfect concealer

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pimples. Dark circles. Redness. None of these concerns of beauty are a perfect match for the correction; But actually finding the best-of-the-best when it comes to cover-up can be a bit ‘a nightmare beauty. There are literally hundreds of beauty halls across the UK put into this system; some are designed to cover the redness, the other can be used to highlight and sculpt the face. But as we all know, what works on a pimple does not always work on circles -. Cue waste hours and pounds for correctors that do not provide

Have you ever tried it with a thick, heavy concealer under your eyes? Hello dry, cakey finish that left you looking worse than when you started. No one in the office needs to know your Orange is the new black spree last night, but frustrating the concealer is not playing ball.

But before you lose all hope of being matched with your perfect cover-up, we know how you can find the ONE, whatever your need for beauty. No matter whether it’s a more durable or equally stubborn dark circles, there is a checker out there for you.

Introduction Powder , our new sister-site beauty that is changing the way it turns skin care and make-up forever. So exactly what is this new (and amazing) site and why you need to check it out right now? We try to give you the low-down …

Powder is a modification of the absolute best skincare and make-up out there. Whether it’s after a skin cleanser that changes or a mascara that will amplify the lashes you find a product that fits your every need and desire for beauty (including the budget). And the best thing is that they are always adding new categories; keep an eye out for the red lipstick that change will be landing this week.

We put powder through its paces and we were able to say that it is quite simple and easy to use. All you have to do is sign up (it’s completely free), answer some questions about yourself beauty and you will immediately be matched with the perfect product for you.

PLUS, each product comes with the expert advice and tips tailored to you so you can make the most of your new game beauty. You ‘like having instant access to the best beauty editor out there except you do not need to leave home or even getting out of bed -. It’s all at your fingertips

So if you want to discover the skin care and make-up products that your bathroom is missing (with a few clicks) head over to uk at the time.


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