The Secret To Reviving Old Nail Polish – And The Only Colour You Need To Buy RN

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by: Madeleine Spencer
2 Feb 2018

Yes, January is over. Yes, that means spring is almost here. And, yes, longer days, a bit of sun, and the joys of being able to leave the house without wearing five layers are all therefore also near.

But we’re still all a bit poor from Christmas. Okay, very poor. So while Netflix is basically the only evening entertainment we can afford, we’ve decided that having a little beauty thrill is non-negotiable so have asked our experts to answer all your money-related beauty q’s, from how to extend the life of a product, to which ones you can basically get away with not using.

First up, our nail expert, Glenis Baptiste, is offering up wisdom on keeping nail polish going for that bit longer, and which one colour you should feel no guilt on splashing out on because it’ll really see you through spring…

Q: All my nail polishes are thick and gloopy – can they be revived?

Glenis Baptiste: “Yes they can! The best way to do it is to add a few drops of nail polish remover to the gloopy polish and gently shake and roll the bottle around in both palms of your hand until it’s mixed. Then remember to store it in a cold, dark place to prolong the remaining life of it.”

Q: I can’t afford to splash out on a new hand cream, let alone a cuticle oil. What can I use instead that I already have? 

Glenis Baptiste: “If you have a pot of Vaseline, that can be applied around your cuticles or used to treat dry blotches on our hands. The most important thing is to keep nails elasticated and nourished to help prevent cracks and hang nails from appearing, so you can use whichever lip balm or creamy moisturiser you like on them if you really need to.”

Q: I hate buying loads of polishes and never finishing them. Can you recommend a single colour that I’ll want to wear all spring?

Glenis Baptiste: “Chanel’s polish in 528 Rouge Puissant is a great colour that’ll see you through spring easily.”


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