The Short Girl's Guide To Maxi Dresses By 5ft 1" Fashion Blogger Monikh Dale

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by: Chloe Mac Donnell
24 Jul 2017

‘I used to be super minimal but about two years ago I changed my hair and my way of dressing quickly followed. I tried on a maxi dress and realised that it worked for me,’ says Monikh Dale. For the @monikh fashion blogger this revelation came as somewhat of a surprise. Standing at only 5ft 1″, she was as many women on the petite size are led to believe of the train of thought that longer length dresses were only apt for those with the longer length legs to match. However, having quickly discovered that with some clever styling she could in fact, make it work for her frame too, maxi dresses have become somewhat of a style staple in her a wardrobe, with the last count totting up twenty-five. Having originally worked as a personal stylist at Topshop, Monikh founded her blog when friends, family and shoppers kept asking her about where things were from or for styling tops. Now her 50K and growing followers double tap her daily postings which span from outfit selfies to favourite artworks. Watch the video above to see how she styles one of her favourite maxi dresses and read on below for her petite styling do’s and don’ts…

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‘Silk shirts and a cashmere vest used to be my go to. Then two years ago when I changed my hair my style quickly followed too. I remember trying on a maxi dress and realising it actually did work for my shape even though I’m only 5ft 1″. I could also wear it with trainers which made me feel really cool. I discovered I could still have that easy edge without having to wear heels and not feel like me.’

‘If I buy a dress and it’s too long I’ll sometimes pin it myself. If not I will get it tailored around my bust and shoulders. I think once the shoulders fit well, everything else will just flow.’


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‘For taking it from day to night I would still wear trainers. There is no where in London that will turn you away or think you look scruffy. To make it a bit more dressy, I’d add jewellery, a statement earring and some layered necklaces always work.’

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‘Maxi dresses are also my go-to for wedding guest dressing. I think you can go even flowier for a wedding if you’re wearing heels. Style wise, I’d go for something really skinny like a stiletto so it’s a massive contrast. It shouldn’t work but it does.’

Missing that life ๐ŸŽ‹Also this dress is now on sale: #liketkit

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Missing that life ๐ŸŽ‹Also this dress is now on sale: #liketkit

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‘I still wear maxi dresses in winter. I’ll play around with layering. Last season I also used lots of masculine tailoring, like really good coats. I love that contrast with the more feminine vibe.’


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