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by: Josh Newis-Smith
14 Dec 2017

Plus Joshington Hosts tests the cast on their Star Wars knowledge with some niche results…

The latest installment of Star Wars, The last Jedi has finally hit cinemas with considerable force thanks – at least in part – to a more diverse cast than ever. Joshington Hosts caught up with the cast to discuss the possibility of the franchise introducing a gay character, the role of powerful women in the galaxy far, far away and crucially which song they would sing in Darth Vader karaoke…

Oscar Isaac: “There is room for a Gay character in Star Wars…”

Ahead of the films release the Internet was awash with fan created rumors that the latest installment in the Star Wars franchise would involve a gay relationship between John Boyega’s Finn and Oscar Isaac’s Poe.

Whether this made the cut in the film remains to be seen wink wink but what are Oscar’s thoughts on the matter? “There is totally room for a gay character in Star Wars – not to say that isn’t going to happen in this film. It feels sometimes that ‘diversity’ is pasted on top of something and people freak out. But really it should be about just showing the world as it is. The fact that this hasn’t happened before is the strange thing, that’s the weird part about it. Finally Star Wars is starting to show the world as it is and if you are telling a story about a whole Galaxy, come on, there has to be a gay person in there somewhere.”

Continuing on the subject of diversity in Star Wars the actor remarked, “it makes for a much more interesting story. Why does everything have to be the same ratio or formula? Apart from the moral imperative to make sure everyone is represented, it’s just more interesting to see people that look different and have different relationships with different humans and in this case, even aliens.”

Laura Dern: “Even today we are all fighting to be ourselves and be honored as ourselves.”

Laura Dern has done much to raise awareness of the plight of women this year. In her star turn within the cast of Big Little Lies, Laura and her co-stars pushed domestic violence to the forefront of conversation. But when it comes to playing a character set in, well space, can her character, Admiral Holdo, still speak to her?

Laura jumps in, “this character completely spoke to me. At the end of the day you want the world represented and in the case of the resistance, you want the revolution represented as today we are as we are fighting to be ourselves and be honored as ourselves. Anytime as an actor when you get to exemplify what the world looks like and the grey areas people struggle with is a rare thing.”

“To speak of powerful women, it’s amazing for how many years it’s been rare, as a female actor, to be given roles that don’t shy away from what might be labeled as negative for a female character but positive for a male character. The more those lines get blurred too, the better.” We couldn’t agree more Laura.

Daisy Ridley: “Adam Driver’s body is considerable!”

Word, Daisy, WORD! Rest assured Adam Driver fans, the total totty appears in a shirtless scene – rejoice! Aside from appreciating his body, Daisy had some great tips for being a Jedi IRL – I mean who doesn’t want to walk around wielding a light saber?  “My three tips would be: a willingness to learn, an openness to feeling and perseverance.”

But just how difficult was it to avoid dishing the dirt on the plot with her family and friends? “I do not lie. I really don’t like lying but I would be like, ‘I worked with ermmm Anton today – he’s this new guy, great working with him!’” How cryptic hun?

Watch the video above to discover what Daisy’s Yoda esque motivational message is…

Gwendoline Christie: “I still wore make up under my mask!”

In real life, just as on screen, the sheer presence of Gwendoline Christie is nothing short of inspiring and captivating. Carving a career out of playing the ‘unlikely’ hero across such productions as Game of Thrones and Top of The Lake, Gwendoline has shot to international fame. So what is it like, when you win the role of a lifetime and the costume department conceals your face and indeed your body for the entire film?

Gwendoline wades in, “I have always been interested in different forms of performance and conceptually it was really interesting for me. It was interesting for a number of reasons because in society we have a pre formed judgment system based on attraction levels – particularly in relation to women. Carrie Fisher used to refer to her body as her, ‘brain bag,’ and it was simply an organism that housed her spirit. I have always thought it was strange to judge people on that random group of elements that creates flesh.”

“So the idea of there being a female villain in the Star Wars film where we build a relationship with her purely based on her actions than her flesh was so interesting. She’s disguised completely in costume, her body is delineated, – it wasn’t about the shape of her body and that was exciting to me.”

But it’s just as well that Gwendoline was kept hidden because, “I was incredibly over whelmed to be in a Star Wars film so it probably did everyone the world of good in The Force Awakens that no one could see my face because it was just bright red and really concentrating on not getting it wrong!”

Was it a welcome relief to not have to put her face on for work every day? “No I always do a no make up, make up look. You have got to feel fresh and profesh!”

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