The (Super-Cheap) Lip Trick Amanda Seyfried Swears By

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Mamma mia! Amanda Seyfried’s ultimate handbag hero will cost you less than a takeaway coffee… Say what? Read on for the actress’s ultimate beauty fixes and why she went for that major lob. Hashtag hair goals.

What’s the beauty product you can’t be without?

‘I love classic ChapStick (£1.29). It reminds me of my mum who’s worn it since I was a baby. It just works for soothing lips. I don’t really collect make-up but Givenchy’s Le Prisme Blush in Lune Rosee (£32) is so fun. I just love the four colours together.

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We LOVE your lob. Why did you decide to go for a drastic cut?

‘I just needed something fresh. I’m only 5ft 3in, and my old hair dwarfed me. I had around 12 inches cut off – I put it in a bag to donate to Locks of Love. A haircut can really change and liberate you. It was a real moment for me.’

It looks a-mazing. How do you maintain your mane?

‘I wash my hair every five days, because the texture’s pretty frizzy. R+Co Bel Air Shampoo (£22) and Conditoner (£23) are my go-tos for washing my hair. They’re amazing for smoothing, and I’m obsessed with the smell. I’ll use dry shampoo in-between – Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair (£18) is so great.’

Besides shampoo wafts, what’s your signature scent?

‘Givenchy Live Irr├ęsistible (£44) – it’s floral, but young. There’s something really fruity, light and uplifting about it. I feel the same way about it as I did with Clinique Happy back in the day at high school.’

Would you say you’re a high or low maintenance kinda gal?

‘Super-low maintenance. If I’m going to meetings or seeing friends, I’ll put on mascara and gloss, cover up pimples and go. I love coconut oil, like Artisana Organics, because it’s so natural. I’ll use it pretty much everywhere except my hair. Sometimes I even wear it around my neck as a scent if the weather’s really hot.’

Who’s your ultimate beauty icon?

‘Ooh, Cate Blanchett. She always looks so poised and naturally beautiful. We actually have the same make-up artist Mary Greenwell- she’s the first person who grabbed my face and massaged the hell out of it. It really works.’

So, spa treatments. Are you a regular in your downtime?

‘Facials, not so much. Massages, absolutely! There’s a wonderful place called Sunset Foot Spa in LA that has Chinese reflexology for about 30 bucks an hour – it’s just incredible.’

We know you love hiking with your dog but how else do you like to keep fit?

‘I work out every day. I’m really into jump roping and use three kinds of rope – Muay Thai, speed rope and weighted handles – which work your body in different ways. If I’m in a hotel, I might use an exercise bike. You just have to keep switching it up.’



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