The Tony Awards 2015: Steal Perfect Pouts

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J-Lo debuted her new chopped locks and the perfect plum pout

Tony Awards last night was full of preened to perfection, beauty red carpet worthy The Celebs’ seems (not to mention a couple of outfits worthy of note – Kendall’re looking at you)

From epic smokey eye Amanda Seyfried, festival-ready braid Vanessa Hudgens’ and J Brand The brand bob , there have been. Another brand new beauty seems that the episode of transformation Next Top Model.

But, as impressive as the hair and the makeup was, for us, it was all on the lips education. J Lo equipped its classic glam helmet with a face plum fashion forward, Vanessa Hudgens and Ruth Wilson opted for a pop of coral incisive while Rose Byrne nailed how to match your red lipstick to your dress, the right way.

I’m not sure its right for you, or rather how to apply without looking ever so slightly ‘like a clown? Celebrity makeup teacher and editorial beauty guru Lauren Parsons got the same order …

Drama Plum Pout of J Lo

‘Think of this as the step between bordeaux the bare and red. ‘For a more casual look, the color to dry out so it’s a bit’ faded, ‘The quality experienced makes it less of a commitment to phobes color lipstick. This look is not complete coverage, it should appear as if you are drinking a glass of fine red wine. Started applying lipstick over the entire lip, before dabbing with a tissue. Then, concentrating the color in the center of the lips, pat on another thin layer with the middle finger. ‘

Suits About It?

This is a shade that suits most skin tones, just check the show of Dolce & Gabbana SS15. For darker skin, choose a shade with brighter tones of purple, through the skin, a deep purple wine as the perfect, seductive golden tones and fair, try a shade blackberry to give a fruity rather than gothic effect.

We Love … Topshop lipstick in Beguiled, £ 8

Topshop's 'Beguiled' lipstick

Vanessa Hudgens and coral Ruth Wilson Lips

Yes, coral lipstick was huge in the 80s, but that does not mean you can not wear now. A simple update 2015 is all you need. Instead of pure, pearly finishes, use a coral ultra-opaque shades of tangerine to really make it pop. Find the right color, but the wrong end? If your lipstick md is a bit ‘shiny, polish bit’ of translucent powder over the top for a majorly matte finish that will stay all day.

We Love … Burberry Baci 65 in Coral Pink, £ 25

Ruth Wilson and Vanessa Hudgens both opted for tropical coral lips

Rose Byrne Matchy Matchy Red Lipstick

‘Red lipstick is the make-up Marmite’, Lauren says, ‘There are women who swear by it and those who totally removed from it. But that’s okay, there’s an easy way to wear it
When choosing the perfect red lipstick, always apply with your finger first and see how you like that then properly apply the bullet and watch out -. Seeing color in daylight makes it easier to understand if it is the right color for you ‘

TOP TIP :. Using a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to trace the outline of the lips to get around all the stains on the outside of your lip line.

Rose Byrne's matchy matchy red lips and dress

Suits About It?

A bright shade with a pink note read as a deep red and contrast well against a dark skin tone, a red orange yellow shades flatter in olive skin and a bright red that is not too clean orange or too pink suits pale skin.

We Love … Illamasqua Lipstick in security, £ 19.50

Illamasqua's classic red lipstick

For more tips and tips on how to nail a statement lip, check out the video below!


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