The Top 6 brushes make-up to buy now

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Zoeva Luxe Face Focus

There are a gazillion brushes out there – but how to decide what you need? The first thing to consider is: natural or synthetic? Synthetic brushes tend to be better for the cream texture and often have a sharp edge to the definition. Natural hair brushes are have coarse bristles that collect most of the product – especially handy for when working with makeup powder. Now read on for 6 priceless pieces of advice to help you build a better tool kit …

Tip 1. resize the brush blush

Working with a blusher brush smaller so you can be more precise. Round brushes will give you great big round cheeks. So, if you need to rationalization in that area then opt for something a little ‘less as big as Zoeva Luxe Face Fire (£ 11.50; This brush has a small, flattened, dome head for better accuracy

Zoeva Luxe Face Focus

Tip 2 :. Share the load

double your concealer brush with lip brush to save space and money (just make sure you clean it in between the products with the Pro Hygiene collection of makeup brush cleaner spray, £ 10; Test Amazing Cosmetics Concealer Brush (£ 9.99;

Amazing Cosmetics Concealer Brush

Tip 3: Point in the right direction

If you don. ‘T use your fingers to apply makeup then you need to find a tool that can replicate them. A slightly tapered or pointed foundation brush will help you get products to all corners of the slots around the nose and eyes. The brush Charlotte Tilbury Foundation ( £ 30; did exactly that as well as having an ergonomic handle considering that will not roll off your dressing table. . Handy

Tip 4: Colour coding

The bristles on white Techniques Royal Metals Bold tip bends (£ 12; help to show up at home much product you have loaded onto your brush – especially good if you are using pigments or loose mineral eyeshadow

Real Techniques Bold Metals Pointed Crease

Tip 5 :. Get the right fit

Constantly tipping off too foundation? The new 109 Face Brush Kiko Milano (£ 16.90; has a circular cut with a base of sponge to pour your foundation before polishing directly on the skin

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Tip 6: Smooth out

Just got a contouring or strobing selfie? After loading and before you step out in the real world make sure you have polished on Streaks in the form of toothpaste O Wow brush from Cailyn cosmetics (£ 20; Victoriahealthcom).

O Wow Brush from Cailyn Cosmetics


Keep your eyes open for new brush RED . Created by make-up artist Kristina Vidic, is a capsule collection of professional brushes tried and has already been road-tested on a long list of models Elle McPherson Joan Smalls and Alexa Chung. They are handmade by a small family business which started doing calligraphy brushes in Hiroshima, Japan. They have red handles separate so as not to lose them.

RED make-up brushes


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