The trick £ 1 This means that you will never have Sun Burn Still

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The new summer summer tanning device that stops burning

We like to think that we are enough experts on sunscreen from now and not It would contemplate coming out of the shadows without a good slathering SPF. In fact, sunscreens have come on a long way since the chalky mess that used our people ‘to coat us in factor 50 oils, firming benefits. And if there is a bit ‘of anti-aging formula also thrown there? Well all the best!

Only let’s be honest, is not out of the realms of possibility that what with dipping in and out of the pool, sitting outside watching the people dining and snoozing on the sun, our king -the application process It could end only a little ‘.

burning is not a joke and not even that exorbitant Mara Hoffman two pieces looks good with red raw skin. So, what if you have a little gadget that you said when your skin needs more SPF? Aha! It would be good is not it? Well, it just launched for £ 1 -. No kidding

The band SmartSun is like a festival bracelet that you enter the elite club not to be a lobster and it’s all in color. As a mood ring, only useful, it measures the amount of UV radiation they were exposed to and changes color accordingly.

The bracelet changes color when you need to reapply sun lotion and when you’ve had enough sun for the day and the need to take refuge in the shade. It is also waterproof so you can go swimming in it as you like. Each band is a wear and use it just simply put it on before you go out in the sun and apply sunscreen to yourself and the bracelet. Then let it work it’s magic techy and now check again to see what it says.

Available from SMARTSUN priced at £ 4.99 for a pack of 5.


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