The Ugly Shoe Trend Everyone's Obsessing Over

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by: Dani Kleinman
26 Mar 2018

From the 90s up until a few years ago, my father exclusively wore a pair of big chunky white New Balance trainers that pretty much screamed “Dad.” They were the most out-of-touch eyesore in his otherwise decent wardrobe, and I remember telling him exasperatedly that they would “NEVER be cool.”

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Skip to 2018 and I’m eating my words. Who would have thought that the sneaker trend sweeping through the fashion pack would be “dad trainers” and the larger (and some would say uglier) the better? Certainly not me.

But when Louis Vuitton sent it’s exaggerated sci-fi inspired “archlight trainer” down the spring runway, (and a slew of other avant-garde designers followed suit) this sportswear item became the must have cool-girl purchase. Complete with exaggerated arches, a massive sole, and an XL tongue, we’ve seen the chicest of our street style favourites trading their Manolos in for a pair.

Good luck getting your hands on the LV version – even at £780.00 they’re already sold out – but there are loads of other cool options out there. From luxury styles courtesy of Balenciaga and their “triple S”, Stella McCartney, and Vetements to high street finds from Fila and Nike, our edit just might bring you on the dad trainer bandwagon.


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