The ULTIMATE Ibiza Experience With Ushuaa

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by: Josh Newis-Smith
30 Apr 2018

Ibiza season is upon us, so get yourself booked into THE ultimate White Isle hotel…

Thinking about escaping the dreary British weather for a land full of dance floors, streamers and bucket loads of glitter? Here we run down where you should be checking into for your Ibiza stay, where you should be dining and what you should be packing…

The Place to Stay: Ushuaïa Hotel

Ushuaïa is the number one open club in Ibiza and it’s not hard to see why. This year the club slash hotel is adding to it’s legendary line up with Big by David Guetta and Martin Garrix. Opening on 19th May with Ants a double party opening weekend take-over, if you don’t want to stay you need to at least book a ticket for one serious night of partying, kicking off just as the sun goes down.

The Hotel itself is separated into The Tower, which is set slightly away from the performing DJs, and The Club. The latter is ideal for those who don’t want to miss a second of the partying as the rooms trace the parameters of the dance floor. Partying will spill into hot tubs and rave friendly balconies. The ideal option for you slightly more naughtier ravers.

We will race you to book for opening weekend NOW by clicking here.

The Ultimate Beauty Stop: Blowout Ibiza

Serving beauty and sass 24/7, Blowout Ibiza has all your glitter and hair needs solved. Working as the chicest mobile hair dressing business known to mankind if you are throwing a villa party and need the look just for that, Blowout Ibiza has it solved. Book your appointment here.

The Hangover Cure: Beach House Ibiza

After frenzied nights it’s time for some tanning – rent a beach bed for the day and just keep on ordering that hangover away with The Beach House’s indulgent and hearty Mediterranean cuisine.

Decadent Dining: Tatel

This restaurant puts the bouji into booth dining. Tatel is described as “the present taken from the past,” with a 1920s infused interior and cocktails straight out of the prohibition years. On the menu? Everything from roasted lobster fresh from the sea to crispy suckling pig, which is well, just simply mouth watering. This is the restaurant to dine in when you are having a night away from the tiles and it is located a stone’s throw from Ushuaia, too. Win. Win.

Time for R&R: Ushuaïa Spa

Despite being very much IN the action the hotel artfully mixes health and hedonism. Book yourself in for some serious recovery before heading out OUT for another night of back-to-back partying. These massages will certainly limber you up for another night on the dancefloor.

Don’t Fly Without: Away suitcases

You might not find a lover for life in Ibiza but Away offers you something the party isle can’t… a suitcase for life. A year after launching in the UK with their life saving carry on suitcase which contains a charging port (GAME CHANGER!!!), Away has just announced its partnering with five known travellers. The results? Travel uniforms that channel their thoughtful perspectives on the cities they love and capture a singular aspect of the city they take with them everywhere. To represent London, the brand has teamed up with Alex Eagle, whose travel uniform is inspired by the fluid mobility and seamless connections of the Underground. In short: CHIC AF.

The Drink of Choice: CÎROC Summer Colada

One word: delish! We are checking this bad boy bottle into our hold luggage for drinks on our Ushuaia balcony. Crafted using natural pineapple and coconut flavors, delivering a taste of coconut cream and a juicy tropical fruity note, this is refreshing and tasty in equal measures. This will be the cracking addition to any cocktail this summer. Order your bottle here.

Don’t Forget To Pack: Hanx

Need we say any more? Go forth and have fun ladies – get the condoms designed by women for women right here.

Book your stay at Ushuaïa Ibiza here now! 


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