TheBest Neck Creams To Help You Beat'Tech Neck'

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by: Madeleine Spencer
12 Dec 2017

Much like the area around the eye, the neck is one of the first places that’ll start to show signs of being a bit knackered as we age thanks to the thin and delicate nature of its skin. And, as it loses elasticity thanks to the decline in production of collagen and elastin, several things happen: it’ll start to sag, it’ll be more prone to wrinkling and, if you’re always looking down at screens, it may also become a victim of ‘tech neck’, aka the above stuff, but worse and perhaps with a lovely little under-chin pouch.

There are several recourses of varying efficacy to target each individual gripe – most of which are complementary. The first is treatment with a laser, which works incredibly well once sagging and pouches are already evident. Top facialist Teresa Tarmey explains that two work especially well on the neck area: “I would use lipoContrast for fat reduction and something called ‘accent’ by Alma Lasers for radio frequency to tighten the skin.”

Alternatively, massage is also stimulating and can “help with the lymph to reduce puffiness and also help to lift – especially if you use a cryotherapy device, too,” advises Tarmey. Try massaging in small circles towards the area just south of your ears, where the majority of lymphs in that area sit. At home, microneedling can also be effective, as it causes “slight damage to the skin in order for it to heal, repair – and produce collagen,” thereby lifting the skin a little. 

Products designed for the neck area are also helpful, both because they contain ingredients that’ll strengthen the skin’s matrix and also because by paying attention to the area, it’s far less likely that skin will become dry and less elastic – and rubbing a moisturiser in will provide a little stimulating massage, too. Here are the ones we’d recommend using:

Emma Hardie Lift & Sculpt Neck Firming Treatment

Containing botanical oils, hyaluronic acid, and a host of omegas, this cream is dispensed through a roller, which makes administering that all-important massage easier and also quite fun. 

Available at Cult Beauty | £65


SkinSense by Abi Cleeve Neck & Decollete Cream

This lightweight cream contains oils and seed extracts and is geared to combat environmental damage, so would be ideal if you spend a lot of time in the city or at your computer. 

Available at SkinSense | £36


Omorovicza Firming Neck Cream

If you’re worried about pigmentation and have an extremely dry neck, this may be the one for you as it’s rich with resurfacing and hydrating ingredients. 

Available at Cult Beauty | £95


Sisley Paris Neck Cream Enriched Formula

This silky cream works miracles on parched and crepey neck skin thanks to the cocktail of Red Algae, Horse Chestnut, and Rhatany extract. 

Available at Liberty London | £105


Boots No7 Restore & Renew Face & Neck Multi Action Serum

This clever serum has a 10,000 waiting list by the time it launched thanks to the success of its serum predecessor. Get it if you want an easy sling on your face and neck option – and remember to smooth some on your decolette, too. 

Available at Boots | £28


Dr Hauschka Regenerating Neck & Décolleté Cream

This lightweight, organic cream contains macadamia nut oil and argan oil to strengthen and smooth skin. 

Available at John Lewis | £50




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