There's A New Place To Wear Glitter

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by: Madeleine Spencer
18 Feb 2018

Over the past year, a sprinkle of glitter has migrated from eyelids to lips to hair to face masks. Now, thanks to the efforts of legendary make-up artist, Val Garland, backstage at Preen’s AW18 show, a puff of glitter all over the face with a focus on the forehead may well be set to become the next home for sparkly stuff.

Let’s disseminate. First, the inspiration. This one has its roots in Korean Haenyo divers, who are known for their determination and strength, making them an ideal reference given Preen’s backstage manifesto for models: ‘you hold the power of the future, you are an eco feminist, you are in tune with the natural world, you have strength and love in your soul.’

The idea of this diver emerging from the water is where the whole glitter face thing comes from. Think sun dancing off a damp forehead and skin and you can see where Val was coming from when she decided to take a healthy sheen a step further by adding glitter. 

The end result is surprisingly wearable; just pair it with glossy, healthy skin (to get this look, apply foundation and no powder whatsoever), keep eyes pared back (you don’t want anything competing with the skin), and opt for either a deep berry lip if you want this one to look sophisticated, or keep lips minimal and apply a little lip balm.

Next, you’ll need to enlist a friend to help with the glitter application. Val suggested putting the glitter on a book or tissue (she used MAC Glitter Reflects), holding it about 50cm from the face, and blowing it onto skin so that it lands smattered across your face with a focus on the forehead. 

And if this one seems a bit too avant garde for an average night out, save it for a festival – we have a feeling that face glitter isn’t on theft anytime soon… 


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