This 8 Primark Palette Will Up Your Make-Up Game

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by: Madeleine Spencer
16 Feb 2018

Despite having been around for a good ten years now, seriously comprehensive nude eyeshadow palettes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. This is excellent news; not only is a nude palette the easiest way to do travel beauty (pack nude palette + mascara + something for skin and you’re done), but nude hues look good on everyone regardless of age or skin tone. There’re also a great way to make the day-to-night switch – just start down the paler end for a more muted daytime look, and add smoke and an extra lick of mascara to look ready for an evening out.

While there have been a few corkers out of late (Narsissist Wanted palette springs to mind), and classic ones will always sell well (hello, Urban Decay Naked), we’ve yet to see one with as many colour options in for as reasonable a price as the star of Primark’s new PS… Nudes Collection 28 Shade Eyeshadow Palette. Let’s get into the details. It contains 28 shades, ranging from buttery cream and ivory down the paler end, with a handful of taupes, cool lilacs, and warm brick in the middle, and deep browns and greys to add the smoky element. It’s a huge wealth of nude hues in either matte or satin finishes and makes doing eyeshadow a breeze. The price? £8. We. Know. 

Buy it now before it sells out, and then grab a great make-up brush and experiment – this is one palette you’ll get a hell of a lot of use out of if you learn to use all the colours. Our top tip? Always remember the basic rules of easy eyeshadow application: if you’d like to make eyes appear wider, apply anything reflective in the centre of the lid and around the tear duct; add smoke to the outer corners and blend away for soft definition, and, if you have any fall out, just grab a cotton bud rolled in eye make-up remover and gently wipe away.


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