This Is the Most Popular Spring Hair Colour on Pinterest

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by: Erin Lukas
22 Mar 2018

Much like wearing florals, a lighter hair colour for spring isn’t exactly groundbreaking, which is why everyone on Pinterest currently can’t stop pinning blackberry hair. The cool, dark purple shade is an unexpected departure from the typical list of spring hair colour trends.

According to Pinterest research, saves for the hair trend are up +355% since January 2018. If the first day of spring has given you the urge to dramatically change your look for the new season, blackberry hair might just be your answer.

One of the hair colour’s earliest adopters was Rockville, MD hairstylist Megan Schipani, who gave one of her clients the most vivid blackberry shades we’ve seen yet.

Schipani tells us that she created the colour by using the balayage highlighting technique, and only lightened the strands of her client’s dark brown base that she was going to cover in purple. The roots were left untouched. Once the stylist shampooed and dried the client’s hair, she applied three different purple shades from the L’Anza Haircare Vibes colour line to the client’s balayaged strands for dimension.

The colouring process might give you the impression that blackberry hair is a high-maintenance look, but Schipani says that the balayage grows out beautifully, with no root touch ups necessary. “I usually send my clients home with a custom made colour conditioner mix to refresh colour in-between visits,” she says. “Some clients like the way it fades, which is generally a beautiful lavender.”

Streeters Artist Tina Outen says that when you’re washing blackberry hair, use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that don’t lather too much. “The bubbles are where all the abrasive oxygen live, which can strip your tones,” she explains.

To inspire your own blackberry dye job, keep scrolling to see some of our favourite takes on the trend from Pinterest.

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A bright hair colour that doesn’t require a lot of care is rare, so we’re not surprised so many Pinterest users are on-board with the trend. If the striking shade is one you’re up for trying this spring, Schipani says that although the purple has more of a blackberry vibe when it’s applied to a darker base, it would be pretty on any level. “You could also create a darker base, but that would be an entirely different process,” she tells us.

“If you have dark hair, you have a lot of red and orange natural hair pigments, which means you can actually achieve this shade with hair colour instead of bleaching, putting less stress on the hair,” adds Outen. “You are, in fact, just adding a blue pigment, which sits around your own natural red pigments. These pigments are exposed during the coloring process easily creating a ‘blackberry’ shade that’s vibrant, glossy, and healthy.”


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