This Is The Next Cult T-Shirt To Nab

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by: Chloe Mac Donnell
8 Dec 2017

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Everyone from Florence Welch to Kylie Minogue have been spotted wearing The Vampire’s Wife retro-inspired floral dresses, so it wasn’t that surprising when it released a range of limited edition t-shirts with the artist Karen Constance, they sold out within hours.

So far there have been two versions of the illustrated t-shirts featuring a girl, bird and bunnies and on Monday, 11th of December, number three is set to released.

This time it features a vampire child, holding a yellow bird. Wrapped around her finger is a snake which symbolises secret knowledge whilst two kittens are said to ‘call forth the wild spirit inside us all.’

Hand-printed and limited to 200, each t-shirt is numbered and comes in a beautiful box. With the other versions snapped on Sienna Miller, Laura Bailey and Agyness Deyn, we reckon these aren’t going to hang around for long. 



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