This New Stories Update Will Up Your Instagram Game

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by: Anna Duff
6 Dec 2017

Let’s be honest, we’re all addicted to Instagram.

It’s where we get our interiors inspiration, find the coolest new models to follow and cheer ourselves up with funny cat pictures on Monday mornings.

Obviously, we’re all over Instagram Stories these days. And we have amazing news, because you can now save these to your phones forever.

The photo-sharing app has added two new features; Stories Archive and Stories Highlights.

You’ve always been able to archive old posts, and now your Stories will automatically be saved to the same folder. This means you can re-share them to your current Story, post them to your feed or add them to a Highlight (more on that below). If you prefer the old system, you can turn off Stories Archive altogether.

So, about these Highlights. This is a new space on your profile where you can group Stories you’ve previously shared. You can add as many as you want from your archive, and they’ll appear as a horizontal scroll bar above your photo grid.

You’ll probably have to update your app before you can get started, but Instagram says it hopes the changes will ‘enable more customisation and self-expression on profiles’.

Exciting. BRB, we’re off to have a go.


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