Tigerlily Taylor On Revamping A Classic Perfume With Rankin

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30 Apr 2018

Yardley has long been a traditional cornerstone on the British perfume counter. Now the perfume house has enlisted Tigerlily Taylor – an InStyle columnist and daughter of Queen drummer, Roger Taylor no less – to front their revamping campaign, turning the traditional into the millennial. Shot by the master snapper, Rankin, Tiger transforms into various guises to exude the power of the scents and we caught up with the super hyphenate to discuss the beauty lessons she learnt from her supermodel mother, Debbie Leng and her guilty beauty pleasure…

InStyle: The Yardley video is fantastic – what was it like on set working with Rankin? What did you learn from him?

Tigerlily Taylor: I was very nervous to begin with as I have never done any video work. Rankin was great to work with, he was very forgiving and great at helping to draw the energy out of me. I learnt a lot from shoot day about the process of filming and how much work goes into such a short amount of film. It’s incredible to see.

IS: If you had to pick one of the Yardley scents to wear every day for the rest of your life which one would you pick and why?

TT: Poppy Diamond. I love vanilla and lily.

IS: What’s your beauty guilty pleasure?

TT: Yes… a very guilty one. I love a sun bed. I don’t go often but I am definitely hooked. One that I’m looking to kick ASAP!

IS: What’s your biggest beauty look regret and your biggest beauty ‘moment’?

TT: I firmly believe in having no regrets because you always learn something from your mistakes but, if I had to pick one it would probably be dying my hair red after I had cut it all off when I was thirteen because I was obsessed with Kurt Cobain.

IS: If you were going out OUT what would be your trademark look?

Straightforward red lip and black upper lid eyeliner… it’ simple and classic and you can always amp up a look with a red lip.

IS: For day what is your beauty vibe – are you are no make up person?

TT: I do wear a bit of concealer in Winter and maybe a bit of blush but I am a minimal make up person. I do love a highlighter and a shiny cream eye shadow though… anything that makes me glow! ❤️✨

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IS: You are very active – would you ever wear make up to the gym to impress?

TT: Never! It’s so bad for your skin. I do Muay Thai and like to get really into it when I’m training so I know I’m going to sweat and go really red. You just have to embrace the grossness and focus on getting in some good kicks and punches!

IS: What’s the greatest beauty lesson you have learnt from your Mum?

TT: Be yourself, be proud of who you are and don’t give a sh** what anyone thinks of you… That last bit was probably my dad… Confidence is probably the most attractive quality in a person.

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Tigerlily Taylor is the face of Yardley Perfumes


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