Tried And Tested: Chanel's Couture Eyeliner

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Kendall, Lindsey and Gigi get their over-the-top eyeliner on

What do you get when you transform the Grand Palais into a faux zen garden, add girl squad Gigi, Kendall and Cara and adorn everything with Japanese Geisha meets Star Wars' Princess Leia 'hair croissants' and over the top eyeliner? You get one hell of a Chanel Haute Couture show, that's what.

And yup, somehow it all worked. More than that, it was totally incredible. Well were we ever expecting anything less? Answer – no.

But between Cara's lap-top husky dog chilling on the FROW and the life-size wooden dollhouse finale, it was the beauty that caught our keen couture eye.


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Jan 26, 2016 at 2:29am PST


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From hair genius Sam McKnight's 'hair croissants' to the Geisha-come-Cleopatra style eyeliner, it was yet another (check out last season's epic manga-inspired eyebrows and bowl cut wigs) beauty home run for Chanel.

Don't believe us? Beauty Writer George Driver stepped up to try the trend. Eyeliner at the ready ladies, we're getting our couture on and here's how…


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The Kit

Obviously, you're going to need eyeliner. Each model rocked a unique version of the look with pencil, liquid eyeliner and even grey versions of the oriental-esque look. I opted for a liquid top and pencil bottom to mix it up, but for a softer look try all grey pencil and if you're going bold, go liquid or go home. An angled brush, a whole lot of cotton buds and some concealer are key for getting those precise lines. Because let's face it, no one's hands are that steady.

Kit List:

  • Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen in 01 Deeper, £43 (this may be the best liquid eyeliner on the face of the planet, so invest!)
  • Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner in 921, £19
  • Smashbox Angled Brush (part of the Art. Love. Colour Brush Set), £24
  • Rimmel Hide The Blemish Concealer in Sand 002, £3.99

Step 1

Now I'm assuming, like me, you've already got mascara on, because that's a given in my book. Make sure the lower lashes are coated as well. Take your liquid liner and draw a small cat flick along your top lash line from the middle point of your eye to the outer corner.

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Step 2

Using the pencil eyeliner, trace a soft wave above the socket of your eye, starting from the inner corner and following the natural curve of your eyelid, before extending it out and flicking up. Use a picture as a guide but don't worry too much about copying it exactly as the shape of your eye should guide the line.

NOTE: Using the pencil as an initial guide means any smudged attempts can be easily wiped away.Phew!

Paint over your guideline with liquid liner, smoothing out the edges and forming a nice clean flick at the end. Use cotton buds to clean up any mistakes (and there will be some, don't worry!).

Step 3

Take the pencil eyeliner and mimic the line on your top lid, below your eye, staying close to your bottom lash line. Start in the inner corner of your eye and draw it out towards the outer corner, bringing it up to meet the top line, but instead of flicking up, take the curve down or keep it super straight for an added dash of Cleopatra sass.

Use cotton buds to make the line softer at the ends and to clean up any messy edges. For an extra clean finish, use the angled brush in the concealer to smooth out the lines and cover up any smudges.

Et voila! A dramatic, couture-worthy eyeliner look. Perfect for an epic night out, a costume gala or your next haute couture show. Not so good for riding the bus home. Context is everything darling.


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