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by: Madeleine Spencer
25 Jul 2017

When I first saw Urban Decay’s brand new Naked Heat eyeshadow palette, I quite honestly felt a little trepidation at the prospect of putting it around my eyes. Yes, rusty reds and a spectrum of warm-toned shadows may be THE make-up du jour for anyone keen on keeping up with beauty trends, but I’ve always found that any hues suggesting heat applied around my eyes also suggested bird of prey – and that’s definitely not a look I covet.

It being part of my my job to trial newbies, I soldiered on, coating a brush in a combination of the two most blazing frosted hues, Dirty Talk and Scorched, and applying them all the way around my eyes. Once my lashes were loaded up with mascara, I was surprised to find that rather than make me look sickly, the shimmering brick shades brought out the green undertones in my eyes, making them look brighter and greener. Cheered by this, I next tried a matte terracotta He Devil, reasoning that I’d be a convert if this one did good things to my eyes. It did.

Having now made my way through all twelve shades (two of which are creamy base shades and are therefore decidedly less hot than the other ten), I’ve come up with three golden rules if you want to give the 5th generation of Naked palette a whirl but – like me – are concerned about looking like you have an eye infection.

1. Choose a colour – just the one colour. This is a statement eye, so it makes matters much, much easier if you just make this the only colour on your face. Pair it with juicy, perfected skin and a nude, glossy lip and you’re good to go.

2. Add mascara. Lots and lots of mascara. Really. Loads. It’ll make your eyes pop and stop the aforementioned infection/bird of prey thing from making an appearance.

3. Think cloud, not lightning stripe. This is really crucial. Applying a soft haze of colour around your eyes looks effortless and very now. Applying this in a line around eyes would make you look shattered, not to mention ruin the illusion that wearing the most on-trend colour is the kind of thing that doesn’t flummox you. You’ll need good make-up brushes for this – and make sure you wash your brushes after using so that all your shadows don’t end up with a tinge of red.


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