Vetements Harrods Join Forces To Raise Awareness of Overproduction In The Fashion Industry

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by: Chloe Mac Donnell
8 Feb 2018

The cult label Vetements have teamed up with Harrods to curate the windows of the iconic Brompton Road store to raise awareness of overproduction in the fashion industry.

‘The main purpose of making this installation is to raise awareness and to remind the general public about the issue of overproduction, in order to start a proper and honest conversation regarding this issue and its effect on the planet,’ said Guram Gvasalia, CEO of VETEMENTS in a statement. ‘After the oil-industry, fashion is the 2nd biggest polluting industry in the world and overproduction is one of the biggest environmental problems of today. Over 30% of merchandise produced by fashion brands are never sold and end up in landfills.’

Over the past year, Vetements has been highlighting environmental issues staging waste-focused events at Maxfield in Los Angeles, Saks Fifth Avenue in New York, and Browns East in London. However, this installation is the first of its kind in the UK. Featuring stockpile of clothes donated by Harrods’ four-thousand employees as well as original Parisian donation bins for charity, Harrods’ customers are also being encouraged to donate their own garments, with proceeds going to the NSPCC. Anyone who contributes will receive an exclusive VETEMENTSXHarrods wristband made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

‘In a very fast world, the fashion tends to be fast too,’ added Guram. ‘We like the idea of slowing down. We like the idea of slow fashion to buy less, buy quality and buy long-term. After the installation at Harrods, we are taking the concept to local communities worldwide to raise further awareness. We are planning up to 50 different installations popping-up globally this year.’

The VETEMENTSXHarrods installation runs from today until March 2nd.




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