Victoria Beckham Has Had A Whopping THIRTEEN Engagement Rings. So Is It Ever OK To Upgrade

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by: Hannah Rochell
4 Jul 2017

InStyle’s fashion features editor says it’s OK to upgrade your engagement ring – but maybe just the once…

So by all accounts, Victoria Beckham has switched up her ring finger thirteen times since she got engaged to David Beckham back in 1998. Yep, Posh has managed to wangle herself thirteen beautiful sparklers when most of us can only expect to ever own one, if we’re lucky. I remember that beautiful marquise-cut diamond on a gold band so vividly from the pictures that flooded the press at the time. I didn’t think I was a diamonds kind of girl, but that particular one had me smitten, as did the (quite A LOT smaller) one that was presented to me at the top of the Arc Du Triomphe in the very same year.

I didn’t get engaged to a premier league footballer, and, in spite of a close call when I auditioned for the girl band Hepburn in 1999, I have never been a pop star. When my future husband proposed to me, we were both in our final year at university and we were skint. So the first thing I said to him when he got down on one knee was “what have you done?!”; I was just really worried that he’d spent too much money. He hadn’t though (well, he was in his final year of an accounting degree #goodwithfinances), and when he gave me the modest ring, he said that by the time we got married, he would be earning enough money to upgrade it to a more impressive model.

I still love and cherish that original ring, but I admit, it now lives in a box. I was only 20 when we got engaged, and by the time we got married when I was 27 – and I realise I might sound like a spoilt brat here! – I’d discovered the many impracticalities of a tall solitaire ring. The silver setting was cut in such a way that it was constantly clogged up with soap. I played bass guitar in a band at the time and it stuck up so high from my finger that it interfered with the strings and caused feedback through the amplifiers. I spent more time taking it off than I did wearing it, which didn’t make my fiance very happy, so when the time came to order our wedding rings, we figured it might be time for that upgrade.

I am now the owner of a beautiful, bespoke ring that never leaves my finger – not even when I’m snowboarding or swimming or doing the washing up. It’s a marquise-cut diamond (yes, inspired by that original VB ring) that sits flat on my finger, so never gets in the way or caught on my clothes. I designed it myself, because I knew by that point in my life exactly what I wanted from what is, essentially, everyday jewellery. It’s subtle, yet stunning, and I can’t imagine a time when I would ever want to upgrade it again. So although I sanction the idea of replacing your engagement ring under certain circumstances, I think twelve upgrades might be about eleven too many.


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