Victoria Beckham's HairdresserLuke Hersheson Says This Is How To Do Party Hair

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1 Dec 2017

Party season is upon us – and with it the onslaught of ‘quick festive drinks after work’ (read: five glasses of wine followed by a stagger to an uber), office parties, and decorating/present wrapping/marathon Christmas film binges.

In short, it’s a busy time. And one where hair looking nice would be an added bonus. With minimal damage from tongs and what not, if possible. And ideally a little body and movement.

Flummoxed as to how to pull off that stylish hair that lasts from day-to-night (and beyond – thanks, dry shampoo) thing, we called on our expert hair columnist, Luke Hersheson, who’s on many an A-lister’s speed dial for good reason. Here, he explains how to avoid frazzle, and the speediest way to get hair party-ready…

Q: HELP: My hair is frazzled from heat styling. What should I do? (Please don’t suggest I put down the tong!)

Luke Hersheson: “I’m afraid you may need to… My advice is lots of hair treatments, regular cuts and using as little heat as possible. If you can, wash your hair in the evening to help air dry and to create texture by braiding the hair before you go to sleep. Damage manly occurs when you sleep so use a silk pillowcase to prevent breakage and frizz will help & be a good investment. I always recommend on by Slip at Net a Porter, £79.”

Q: I’m desperate to have a go-to party hairstyle that just makes my life easier. What would you recommend? 

Luke Hersheson: “Depending on your hair length, a top knot always looks great, chic, and sleek. It’s best to create in unclean hair to get more grip. To do it, just prep with plenty of product in order to hold the style and reduce flyaway’s – John Frieda’s Frizz Ease Extra Strength Serum, £6.99, is great for this. Next, simply scoop the hair up and pin into place using pins – I always use Hershesons Pin Me Down Grips, £6, because they’re really strong and will hold hair all day. Add plenty of hairspray and you’re good to go!.”

Q: Though I’d love to have time to nip into a hairdresser before events, I’m clearly going to have to go straight from my desk to evening dos. What should I have in my desk drawer and what can I do?

Luke Hersheson: “The ‘flave’! Do it in the morning before work – or head into one of our Hersheson blow dry bars for one – and it will hold all day. Top up with some texture spray before you go out to refresh and you’re good to go!”


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