Want hair like Suki Waterhouse? Cut It Yourself and wash with the Coca-Cola

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Suki Waterhouse stuns at The Serpentine Gallery Summer Party

If she is hitting a fashion show, attend a launch party or play to a party, Suki Waterhouse always looks flawless.

Reckon this means that the model has to follow a strict beauty regimen incredible stay so wonderful? Wrong. Suki, apparently, actually has a very relaxed approach to the care itself.

Let’s talk about hair before.

Although we usually see Suki with beautifully inflatable blow-dries and intricate updos that we would never be able to create at home, Suki often shuns salon when she is in need of a trim.

Although the results are, ahem, not very good.

‘I cut my hair a lot … and are always terrible to him’, he said US publication People. ‘Literally, thank God for my hair and makeup teams! Every time I look decent in a photo is always with them. ‘

And when it comes to cleaning, Suki prefer to bathe her barnet in Coca-Cola instead of foam layers with its shampoo and conditioner. Why? The carbonated beverage is much better to create a look ‘disheveled’, apparently …

Suki Waterhouse wows at Burberry fashion presentation

So this got us thinking. If Suki is not afraid to experiment with their hair, it must have some other eccentric habits, right? Here’s what we found …

Suki has found many uses for coconut oil …

‘I’ll do crazy things in the kitchen … I skincare I love coconut oil, so if I get home at night feeling all dry and as a fossil I put my hand in a jar of coconut oil and just mush on my face ‘, revealed to Into The Gloss last year.

‘I’ll put it in my hair, too, and sleep like that … in my coat. Just kidding, I would not do it in my coat. ‘

Suki does not clean her skin with fancy products …

‘ I try to wash your face before going to bed now, I never used to do, ‘he admits. ‘Sometimes, if it’s really terrible, I will not, but most of the time I get around to it, even if it’s just water.’

Suki struggles to apply (and remove) the eye make-up …

‘I’m not very well coordinated in some way – my fingers are just all over the place … it s ** ta make eye makeup, ‘exclaims. ‘I usually do not take my eye make-up, though, because it will be a nightmare and mascara running down everywhere.’

Suki Waterhouse impresses at a Coach event in London


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