Want To Banish Dry Skin? Here’s How To Find Your Perfect Moisturiser

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Finding the best of the best when it comes to moisturiser isn’t that easy. Sadly all-knowing magical mirrors don’t exist so we often have to resort to other methods on our quest for hydration. Such as interrogating the lady in the Starbucks queue whose skin resembles something from a tv ad, does she even have pores?!

But buying a moisturiser off the back of a recommendation isn’t always the best path to go down. Some products will work for you and others will work against you, where one hydrates, another leads to a break-out of volcanic proportions. Week ruined.

But the good news ladies is that you no longer need to waste hours and pounds when you go on the hunt for a new moisturiser. No longer will you have to interrogate your friends (or strangers) about their skincare routine. Born with it? Maybe, but more than likely their beauty bag is packed with a secret weapon that gives them super-smooth skin. And guess what? We know what it is…

Meet the hero of hour, Powder. A beauty site that will change the way you find beauty products FOREVER. This beauty recommendation site is built to match you with your one and only – no flings necessary. We’re talking skincare and make-up that works for you, whatever your beauty wants and needs.

So how does it work? Well you all have do is provide a few details about your beauty self and within seconds their clever algorithm will match you to the best products for your skin type.

So we put this new (and awesome) beauty site to the test and after a few quick questions we were matched to three moisturisers that promised to up our hydration game. Everything – and we mean everything – on this site is completely tailored to you, from the expert tips and tricks that come with each product recommendation to the articles on your very own beauty feed.

And did we mention that they also tailor your beauty matches to suit your budget? So even if you’re a little cash strapped you can treat yourself to a new beauty purchase without breaking the bank.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to now to sign-up for free now & before you know it, you’ll be the girl being stopped in the Starbucks queue (and not because there’s tissue stuck to the bottom of your shoe).



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