WATCH Stefflon Don's Funny AF Cardi B Impression Is Just One Reason We Are Literally Obsessed

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by: Josh Newis-Smith
30 Apr 2018

As Stefflon Don reveals her babe’ing Boohoo collection, Joshington Hosts meets the rapper of the moment…

It’s not every day you meet a celebrity as full of life as Stefflon Don but then again she is having, what can only be classed as, quite the ‘moment’ at present. Fresh from a killer 2017 which saw the UK’s most unique female performer obliterate the charts with her hit, Hurtin’ You, Stefflon Don is gaining momentum in a massive way.

Marking another stellar moment in her career, the British songstress is releasing a collection with the equally stellar high street honey, Boohoo. Here’s why we have fallen for her and why you should too…

You Need To Hear Stefflon Don’s Cardi B Impression Already…

Stefflon Don joined vlogger, Joshington Hosts for ‘Acca-accent’ the lolz game where the guest impersonates another celebrity whilst covering a killer song. Watch the video above to see Stefflon Don tackle Cardi B whilst singing Dua Lipa’s IDGAF and try her hand at impersonating Dolly Parton, Kim Kardashian and the queen of musical impressions, Ariana Grande. You also won’t believe how much range this gal has!

Follow Stefflon Don’s Shadiest Summer Styling Tips…

In Steff’s Boohoo haul video using her collection for the brand, Joshington Hosts put a series of shady styling questions to the British rapper. Ever wanted to know how to upstage the bride as a wedding guest? Or just need to know how much flesh is too much flesh? Then just watch the video above already, to quote Stefflon Don herself, “we have the outfit for every kind of bitch.” Respect.

Did We Mention Stefflon Don’s Boohoo Collection Serves Up The Sass?

With a set of killer curves it’s no surprise that Steff’s collection caters for all and it is all the better for it. Despite the collection’s starting point being festival gear, the neoprene body con dresses and eye-catching two pieces will be equally at home on da dance floor and beyond. Get shopping now, already.

Durrr This Song Is LYF…

… Need we say anything else other than, Breakfast In Bed Darlin’?

Stefflon’s Instagram Is Instalolz…

#WenTrynaBSexiForBaeGoesWrong😈😂fammm i dead ass cudnt get my heavy self on the counter Ffs 😩😭😂😂😂 #lemonchallenge #PoorCounter #ThisOne4MyThikBodyGyalDem #stefflondoncomedy

A post shared by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀👑DON👑 V – IV (@stefflondon) on Dec 21, 2017 at 12:32pm PST

As well as serving up some the fiercest selfies in the land, Steff doesn’t always take herself too seriously. The 26 year old’s kitchen counter dancing skills are da one too, clearly. What. A. Woman.

Steff Is Layered Like An Onion…

There are so many layers to Stefflon Don its like pealing back a highly layered onion. Perhaps the most surprising thing of all is that the Real Ting rapper can speak fluent Dutch following a childhood stint growing up in Holland. Whilst her real name is Stephanie Allen, the new British Qween was actually born in humble Birmingham.

Stefflon Don’s Boohoo Collection is available now.


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