Welcome To Comic Con Underboobs To Rival Bella's And Power Rangers On The Pull

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30 May 2017
by: Josh Newis-Smith

Entering Comic Con for the first time is like stepping into a videogame on steroids, with all the world’s comic book characters assembled in one disparate world, far removed from my own very distant reality. I have never been to such a convention before and NOTHING could prepare me for what I was about to witness as MCM’s Comic Con rolled into London. The international tour that will culminate with a start studded convention in San Diego in July. Here is what I learnt when I lost my Comic Con virginity and yes it was equally as life-changing as waving goodbye to my actual virginity…

Comic Con 2017: Street Style Live with #JoshingtonHosts Comic-Con International with EMP Merchandise

Posted by InStyle UK on Friday, May 26, 2017

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Comic Con 2017: Street Style Live with #JoshingtonHosts Comic-Con International with EMP Merchandise

Posted by InStyle UK on Friday, May 26, 2017

When wearing a morph suit wear the appropriate underwear…

When selecting Jack Skellington as my Comic Con alter ego for the day I didn’t factor underwear into the equation. News flash: morph suits are VERY see through and skimpy underwear of any description could lead to you being arrested for indecent exposure. So I slipped into the Pikachu t-shirt with the fetching matching baseball cap for modesty reasons… at least it is accessorised with some sassy ears.

Street style on steroids…

If you have ever encountered London Fashion Week or are aware of it’s existence you will know that entering any fashion show is akin to going up a level on Super Mario. In order to just get through the door and take your allotted seat you must dodge about 600 street stylers/obstacles, but alas you can’t catch some coins en route. Comic Con pays tribute to such an analogy with a similar scene.

Outside the venue, Disney Princesses congregate together; united by the power of a Facebook group where chitter chatter about outfits has been rife for months leading up to the event. Else where Anime characters queue up to fan girl one another, re-enact their favourite scenes and take that all important snap.

Speaking to Ruby who was giving Bella Hadid a run for her underboob in a risqué animee ensemble, her crop top, mini skirt and bad bitch leather boots were testament to the level of effort the Comic Conners go to,‘ it took a couple of months to create this outfit. I come every year and this is really like a holiday for me!’ And we thought we spent a long time planning our fashion month outfits… we have been shamed!

Ursula from The Little Mermaid concurred proudly announcing to me that; “I started by handmade costume on Christmas day so it’s been 6 months in the making!” That is commitment to the cause, people, but nothing will compare to the £2000 and the 40 minutes it took for two Star Wars Storm Troopers to achieve the out of this world look.

Power Rangers on the pull…

Stepping inside the Excel Centre, a symbol of dystopian order, you are greeted by stands upon stands of merchandise for everything from Game of Thrones to Star Trek. But this is not the most eye-catching thing to a novice geek, before entering the convention itself I spy two Power Ranges pulling in the food court.

Is this common place I wonder, I thought people came here to queue up for hours to meet their heroes from yester-year? As if she teleported in, another Anime character entered who gave me the 411 on pulling a fellow geek, “some people definitely come here with the intention of coming and getting their own comic book geeky boyfriend or girlfriend. Some even resort to flirting whilst in character.” Racy role-play at it’s finest, then. Three days is one long date…

Behind every Batman…

It’s not everyday you strike up a conversation with Batman himself. Well Batman is actually Neil, a Next store manager from Leicester but we shall brush over that detail. The Dark Knight himself tells me why dressing up really appeals to him, “me and my pregnant girlfriend have been 6 times. I love it because I can be me and I can dress up and BE Batman and people recognise me as him. I am not myself anymore!” Well with that muscle suit, no wonder why she got pregnant!

Move over Anthony Joshua…

Stepping into the ‘gaming ring’ with its pitch black lightening, attended by an intense audience who respond to every hit and every false move by the two competing ‘gamers’, is the definition of tense. With a panel of commentators who could give Sue Barker and co. a run for their money, this is taken as seriously as any grand slam tournament with the crowning championship belt displayed boldly between the competing players. Yes it did smell a bit like a teenage boys bedroom and such an odour took me right back to those endless hours spent playing The Sims in 2003… just like 13 year old me, some would spend hours in this vortex…

The weird and wonderful world of Cosplay…

In case you are unaware, Cosplay is the act of dressing up as your favourite character and re-enacting their iconic scenes. Speaking to animee expert in the field she commented, “we just never let go of that childhood dressing up thing and even as adults we still want to do it to escape reality and be someone else for the day. We do slip out character but when posing for photos and talking to people we try to remain in character.”

Thor’s muscles weren’t the only thing bulging…

Dressing up as a character can bring serious money to your wallet. Tackling Thor at the burrito stand, who was chaperoned by his own agent and accessorised with a set of business cards for inter comic connections he spoke of his intense schedule, “from here I am going to another convention up North and then onto a birthday party. I would much rather train for something fun like this than spend my life cooped up in the gym and this way so many people can enjoy what I am working on body wise.” Chris Hemsworth eat your heart out!

Joshington Hosts attended Comic Con with EMP merchandise, the official merchandise provider for MCM Comic Con.


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