What Time Of Day Should You Be Showering?

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Time to come clean. When do you shower? If you’ve been lathering up at pretty much the same time every day it might be worth shaking up your routine.

Some surprising science shows that bathing isn’t a one-fits-all approach…

Depending on your end goals, switching up your shower habit could make a subtle difference to your daily regime.

FYI, Jennifer Aniston apparently speed showers AND brushes her teeth in three minutes flat. Impressive.

Morning shower-and-go, or pre-bedtime soak person? Put down your soap and listen up. Here’s a guide to your new and improved shower timetable.

Best for insomniacs: Evening

Showering before bedtime may help you snooze better. It’s all to do with temperature – cooling off from a warm or tepid shower can make you feel drowsy. Aim for a 10-15 minute shower using the last five minutes to gradually lower the temperature.

Best for accident-prone: Morning

Cut back on plasters by shaving your legs and underarms in the mornings. There’s a surge in blood clotting platelets from 6am to 9am so razor nicks will be a far less gory affair. Who knew?

Best for sensitive skins: Every other day

Newsflash: steaming hot showers can irritate your skin and scalp. Dermatologists warn extreme temperatures can even decrease beneficial bacteria. If you’re a hot shower junkie experiment by cutting back to a shower every other day, or twice every three days.

Best for oily skins: Evening

If you’re prone to regular breakouts, consider a pre-cleanse night-time shower. Oil production peaks at about 1pm so a shower at the end of the day will rinse off excess oil and pollutants before your head hits the pillow.

Best for brainstorming: Morning

Breakfast boardroom with the boss? Get your creative juices flowing with a shower when you jump out of bed. You’ll fire up your ‘incubation period’ when you unconsciously free your mind for creative thinking. Waterproof notebook, anyone?


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