What You Can Learn from Naomie Harris’ Oscars Facialist

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Teresa Tarmey may be on every A-lister’s speed dial, but she's famously tight-lipped about who she treats. Her celebrity fans include the likes of Kate Moss, Nicole Kidman and Poppy Delevingne and they go to the skincare supremo for her unrivalled nous with lasers or for one of her famous pre-event face-lifting massages. But Teresa remained resolutely mum when we grilled her this weekend, only conceding that she was in LA to give facials to some Oscar attendees.

Fortunately, her celeb fans are more forthcoming – here’s Naomie Harris’ Instagram shot of her mid-facial with Teresa:


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Feb 26, 2017 at 7:18am PST

While Teresa is reassuringly discreet about her clients, she was pretty forthcoming with tips on how to get a glow pre-event. Sharpen your pencils – these are the rules you really need to make a note of.

Rule one: skip extractions

"I wouldn’t ever suggest doing extractions before an event – it’s a really bad idea as it may make the skin red or sensitive post. Instead, I’d focus on using a lactic acid-based product to brighten the skin without any peeling."

Rule two: get massaging

"Another good tip if you have more time is to give yourself a facial massage. If you don’t find it easy to do yourself, just focus on stimulating the blood circulation which will in turn temporarily lift the muscle and, by extension, the skin."

Rule three: avoid oils

"Lots of people recommend using oils on skin but I personally don’t like to use them for massage – I find them messy, comedogenic, and sometimes find that essential oils can overwhelm the skin. I use my own blend of vitamins when giving a facial, but also sometimes apply Neo-Strata Firming Collagen Booster."

Rule four: try a laser

"If you can get to a good facialist pre-event, radio frequency is a great way to tighten, while an intense blast of hyaluronic acid can work wonders, too – I just got a Cryoskin machine in my treatment rooms and love using it before a big event.”

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