What You Should Eat And Drink To Avoid A Festive Hangover

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by: Anna Duff
20 Dec 2017

It’s the festive season, and that means we’re going to be suffering from a sore head or two (or seven) over the next couple of weeks.

We’ve already revealed our tips for looking good on a hangover and surviving the morning after the night before at work, but now we’ve learned what to eat and drink to make us feel better.

Nutritionist Amanda Hamilton has teamed up with Vita Coco to reveal what we should put in the fridge before a night on the champers and mulled wine.

To be honest, we’re kind of surprised. Because it’s not pizza and bacon sandwiches – it’s actually something a whole lot healthier.

She explains that drunkenness is simply ‘giving your body so many toxins that it can’t process them quickly enough’, so ‘the best way to stave off a hangover is to help the body detox more effectively’.

She continues: ‘If you can kick-start the process before drinking then well done you – that means drinking plenty of water between alcoholic drinks, and lots before going to bed. Fizzy or sugary drinks speed up the rate that alcohol is absorbed into the system and contribute to a stronger hangover so choose your drinks wisely.’

But if you haven’t taken this advice, here’s what you should be snacking on the next day…

Top 10 ingredients to beat a hangover

Coconut water
Greek yoghurt
Nut butter
Sourdough bread

Top 5 ingredients to avoid on a hangover

Fizzy drinks
Sugary cordials
Cheese – particularly strong or aged, such as Stilton, cheddar and parmesan
Meats containing tyramine – i.e. cured meats such as pepperoni and salami
Salty snacks


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