Why Crocodiles Are The Secret To Good Skin

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Okay, so before you assume we’ve lost the plot completely, we realize that crocodiles aren’t exactly known for their glowing complexion. However according to a report from The Telegraph, these scaly creatures could hold the secret to all our beauty needs. 

As it turns out, the reptiles house a fat that contains a number of healing ingredients: perfect for repairing our skin.  Containing vitamin A and E, fatty acids omega-3, -6 and -9, skin softening sapogens and oleic acid, which is key for cell-regeneration. These healing properties can help with the likes of inflammation and redness as well as treating conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Fancy snapping it up? Look no further than South African brand Repcillin, who are the company at the helm of the crocodile beauty business and manufacture Nile Crocodile oil, whilst trading out of the UK’s well-known epicenter of crocodile business…Sutton.


Now before you quip with worries about any potential crocodile cruelty, it turns out there’s no harm done as this fat is usually just thrown away. “Crocodile fat is an animal by-product and until very recently has been discarded” Repcillian’s press officer Helen Lebedeva explained to the Telegraph “The crocodile-breeding farm we use to get the fat from breeds thousands of crocodiles every year for the purpose of supplying crocodile meat to restaurants and meat suppliers in Africa and Europe.” Likewise the skin of crocodiles is used to produce leather accessories and is exported to major fashion houses in Europe. So really, nothing is wasted. “The fat from the crocodile is collected when the meat is trimmed and prepared. There is only 600g of fat available from a single crocodile.”

Helen also confirmed that the oil is also tested by SABS, the South Africa Bureau of Standards, giving it a major thumbs up from us. So animal lovers, breath a heavy sigh of relief.

What you might not already be aware of is that crocodile oil has actually been used for centuries, however it’s only recently been documented to have such powerful skincare treatments. Repcillin is also distributed to hospitals (and erm…vets) all over South Africa and their products, which include shampoos, conditioners, creams and balms, are available to buy from £4. They’re also free from silicone, colourings and synthetic fragrances. What’s not to love?






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