Why GRAVITYMUD Is Going To Give Sheet Masks A Run For Their Money

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Two things were a staple at sleepovers when I was a teenager: a scary film (usually Scream – it was the 90s), and peel-off face masks. Those masks cost about 50p at Boots and we’d all apply them at the same time, before trying desperately to wait the requisite 15 minutes for them to harden, and then peeling them off with glee. If we’d waited long enough for the whole mask to dry, we were rewarded by being able to pull the entire thing off in one whammy.

That sensation of peeling a mask off is unbelievably satisfying – and thing I’d entirely forgotten before getting my hands on GLAMGLOW’s latest drop. Designed to tighten and firm, GRAVITYMUD FIRMING TREATMENT contains a host of algaes and polymers to firm skin along with kelp, hyaluronic acid and clay to soften, hydrate and generally give skin a boost. Oh – and it’s blue. Not blue of the retiring variety, but BLUE – boldly, unmissably so.

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I gave it a whirl this week, painting it on with the brush supplied and kicking back in the bath for 20 minutes while the mask dried. Next came the joyous moment of peeling, which was every little bit as satisfying as I remembered it being from my youth. Underneath all the blue was skin that felt undoubtedly softer and, on inspection, it seemed that the contours of my face looked slightly more pronounced.

Time will tell on its longterm effects, but I’ll be using it as GLAMGLOW recommend –  twice weekly, pre-event. Do similar if you want your skin to look a little lifted and firmer. Gaggle of friends and Instagram snap optional.

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