Why It's All About The Model Backstage At Milan Fashion Week

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The model army of old was kinda samey. Girls were chosen for catwalks so they could blend into the background and, well, show off the clothes. Then something changed… Catwalk castings started to become more about The Girl, and in Milan, the individuality vibe has pretty much taken over backstages.

From models choosing their own lipstick to hair looks that enhance what your mama gave you, here's the lowdown on the me, me, me thing at Milan Fashion Week…

1. Models turned make-up artist

Yep, that really happened at Max Mara. Okay, models didn't whip out their own kitbags but they did pick out the statement lip THEY wanted to wear on the catwalk.

Tom Pecheux gave models a choice of five bold reds: 'I didn't want the girls to be like soldiers marching down the runway,' he revealed. 'This was about what the girl wanted to wear. Some of their choices were surprising.'

Those pick-your-own reds? MAC's Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour. FYI: everywhere backstage this season.

2. One-off eyelid art

We're still in awe of the Fendi Eye (so amazing we're giving it a capital letter). Each girl – Kendall Jenner included – got their very own bespoke eyelid decor that made them look like a walking work of art.

Think psychedelic shapes in multiple colours – painted on based on the models' eye shape and colour. Obsessed.

3. 'My So-Called Life' hair

That cult 90s drama wasn't all about Jared Leto and Claire Danes. Best pal Rayanne was the quirky hair reference at Etro for undone texture.

'It's another show about individuality,' said James Pecis. Hair was teased to enhance the model's own natural movement and parting. The result? A line-up ranging from buzz cuts (Ruth Bell), to tousled long hair (Taylor Hill), to explosion of curls (Alanna Arrington).

4. Anti matchy-matchy nails

In a sea of nudes, we love a rebellious nail look. Step forward Giamba. Graphic symbols like half moons, crosses, lines and polka dots were painted on randomly so each set of nails were completely unique.

'Every girl has an independent spirit,' said MAC's Keri Blair. 'They're the same set of symbols but each and every model is completely different.'

5. Micro hair moments

No doubt about it, the Prada hair was 'a look'. Painterly, romantic, broken down hair – but, here's the twist, tiny details stopped the models from looking identical.

'There's no set look around the face,' said Redken's Guido Palau. 'There are moments, like a curl, or a wave, or both so everyone's a little bit different.'



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