Why One Beauty Writer Travelled Two Hours To BuyNYX Cosmetics

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by: Ava Welsing-Kitcher
21 Jun 2017

It’s safe to say that I’m a diehard NYX fan. So much so, that I made a two-hour pilgrimage from Exeter to Boots in Bath (their NYX counter was one of the first in the UK) to properly swatch everything, but pretended like I was visiting my sister at uni (#soznotsoz). Seems a bit obsessive? If you haven’t lost your NYX virginity yet, then you won’t understand. As a broke student, £6 lipsticks that rivalled MAC’s were like gold dust, and I simply needed one for every day of the month, okay?

The American brand was previously fairly underground for us UK beauty addicts – they only had an online store which was almost always sold out, and then, in 2014, counters and standalone shops started popping up everywhere. Makeup artists and beauty bloggers worldwide can’t get enough of NYX, with thousands competing every year in their three global Face Awards to win £10k and a humungous box of goodies. Loved for their crazily affordable cosmetics which really serve up some major pigment, NYX easily outdoes a lot of the high-end brands on the market.

From a pore-filling primer that rivals Benefit’s to lip creams for around a fiver that smell like actual cupcakes, I’m ranking my personal favourites in order of amazingness.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, £6

Available at Cult Beauty | £6


I have more lip products than I’d like to admit (70+, sssh), and these NYX babies still reign within my top three. There’s a colour for literally everyone (they’ve got 26), ranging from sultry plums to fire-engine reds, and some of the most flattering nudes in the business. Abu Dhabi is the perfect ‘your lips but better’, Stockholm packs a little bit of peach, and London is a straight-up nude that doesn’t make you look dead. Manila will be our go-to rorange this summer, and we’ll be coming back to Copenhagen, a rich bordeaux, once autumn hits.

NYX Micro Brow Pencil, £8

Available at Cult Beauty | £8


This rivals any expensive brow pencil out there. The double-ended applicator earns it a permanent place in any commuter’s make-up kit, and its formula isn’t too waxy, so it’s difficult to over-do it. The shades work amazingly well for whatever hair colour, with Neutral Brown working for dark blondes and deep brunettes alike. You need this.

Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette in Warm Neutrals, £16

Available at Cult Beauty | £16


This is a go-to palette for me, time and time again. It’s got your subtle base colours, one slightly brown and one that’s more mauvey-pink, which make any subsequent blending a dream and neutralise redness or veins. The deep oranges and reds have gorgeous brown undertones for a lovely hazy wash of colour, and the shimmer shades are instantly transformed with a wet brush. It’s the perfect starter palette for those wishing to venture into shadows.

NYX Pore-Filler, £11

Available at Cult Beauty | £11


Some people say this is a better primer than Benefit’s Porefessional. They’re very similar, but both give slightly different results. NYX’s is ideal for T-Zones which are really porous and shiny, making it rather heavy-duty. It’s a total life-saver for a night out, meaning you can spend less time blotting in the loos and more time tearing up the dancefloor and bumming free drinks. Yes.

Makeup Setting Spray, £7

Available at Cult Beauty | £7


The Matte Finish spray does exactly what it promises, as does the Dewy Finish. Buy both (you’re not exactly splurging) and use each of them on different zones – a swift matte spray down the nose and across the forehead, and a dewy mist over the cheeks. These also work wonders for wetting brushes, bringing metallic eyeshadows to life or helping matte pigments stay, well, matte.


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