Why this Boots Anti-Ageing Serum is about to sell everywhere …

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Remember in 2007 when it launched its Boots No7 miracle Protect & Perfect anti-aging and women up and down the country has gone bananas? Well get ready for that hysteria hitting the highway again, because the product has been improved – and has been scientifically proven to be more than ever

The No7 Protect & Perfect Intense ADVANCED serum ( that is theirs. keyword here), a new version of the original No 7 Protect & Perfect Intense Serum, it is going to fly off the shelves.

Why? Because this is officially the first anti-aging product in the UK that can legitimately claim to be clinically proven to produce results that improve wrinkle with the passage of time.

In other words, as long as using the serum, the less wrinkles you have. And science says so. E ‘it was also given the seal of approval by Advertising Standards Agency, which means it is the first anti-aging cream in the history of British television to be allowed to call itself clinically tested in an advertisement. So get ready for the ads that come this week – and the subsequent stampede in your local Boots all run around the world to get their fix

And just € 24.95, the serum is incredibly good value for money -. Especially compared to other high end serums and creams that claim to do the same thing (of Creme de la Mer Regenerating Serum is £ 235 for 30ml).

With the original formula, the scientists experimented on women for over six months and measure improvements in wrinkles. But the new enhanced version has seen a test period of 12 months, and found that the results have continued to improve. However, this does not mean that other brands do not do the same job – it’s just that they have carried out the extensive (and expensive), evidence that they Boots. In addition, it is worth noting that the serum No7 has been shown only to reduce the signs of wrinkles around the eyes, has not been tested on other signs of aging skin. . That said, for the price, it is still a good investment

Dr. Mike Bell, Skincare Scientific Advisor, Boots UK said of the product: ‘Women who use No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Serum Advanced already know They are choosing a product with proven anti-aging benefits, but now may have an additional degree of confidence that the more you continue to use the product, the better the results they will see. Not only the product was subjected to a 12-month clinical trial rigorous, but all the data from that trial was reviewed by the consultants of the advertising industry in the UK at the highest level. ‘

will be the storage of this product, or you got your own proven anti-wrinkle cream that swear by? Let us know below …


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