Why You Need A Tubing Mascara In Your Life

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by: Madeleine Spencer
18 Jul 2017

If you wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without mascara on, but also find yours smudges under your eyes as the day progresses thanks to oiliness or as a result of rubbing your eyes, get your hands on a tubing mascara right now. Like waterproof mascara, the tubing variety holds its own all day, wrapping itself around lashes and only giving up when you want it to at the end of a day. Unlike waterproof mascara, however, tubing mascara won’t dry your lashes out, nor will you have to really go at them with make-up remover to get it off.

Here’s how it works: rather than use waxes and oils in the formula, tubing mascara is effectively a polymer that coats lashes evenly. Think of it as a film that’s wrapped tightly around lashes, as opposed to building up a paste on them. It is for this reason that while tubing mascara allows for precision, it doesn’t really add bulk to lashes, but rather elongates, darkens and ever-so-slightly fills them. It’s ideal if you like a neat fringe of lashes rather than clumpy, loaded ones.

To remove tubing mascara, just take a warm, damp flannel at the end of the day, apply it to your eyes and press. As you slide the flannel off, you’ll notice the tubes have come away along with your make-up. To make life easier – and the process speedier – we’d recommend cleansing twice, using a warm flannel to remove product and also the tubing mascara simultaneously.

Here’s our edit of the best tube mascaras:

DHC Mascara, £15.90

This tubing mascara has a tiny head that makes it easy to nestle it into the roots of your lashes before coating the lengths. It’s the perfect one for you if you want subtle and precise enhancement.



Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara, £20

Very much does what it says on the tin – curls and holds, and adds more weight to thin lashes than any of the other tubing mascaras we tested.

Clinique | £20


Kevyn Aucoin The Curling Mascara, £22.50

If your lashes are prone to dropping under the weight of mascara, get your hands on this Aucoin mascara; it separates, lifts and holds lashes up for an eye-opening effect.

Kevyn Aucoin | £22.50



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