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16 Mar 2018

Hair experts have long directed those wanting better hair to the scalp. According to trichologists, a scalp that’s healthy produces hair that is glossy and abundant, aka everyone’s dream hair. But looking after the scalp with scalp scrubs and tonics and what not can be a bit of a faff if, like me, you’re not given to an extended hair care routine and prefer to direct any beauty time towards skincare and make-up.

Don’t get me wrong; I want lovely, impossibly shiny locks as much as the next woman. I long for a head of hair resembling Blair Waldorf’s during her stint as that Monegasque’s fiancee – bouncy and sheeny shiny, but with an air of it having not been tortured into said style. But I am not someone who is willing to channel much time into it and instead hope that I can get away with a thrice yearly chop and balayaged ends. 

At home, my routine is minimal, and I trust hair products to quite literally do as they say they will on the tin because, in a beauty world that’s full of huge promises, they are usually quite reliably honest. A dry shampoo cleans without wetness. A conditioner softens. A shampoo cleans. Etc. It’s just a case of finding the one for you.

This is why Sisley’s new Hair Ritual range intrigued me. Masters of skincare and well renowned for innovative formulas that really deliver, Sisley’s first foray into hair comes with the promise of scalp pampering and unparalleled shine and suppleness, which sounds to me an awful lot like Waldorf hair in a tube. 

I’ve put the Sisley Revitalizing Volumizing Shampoo to the test for a month now, reasoning that though expensive at £54, if it gave me dreamy hair, it’s a cost I’d willingly suck up for the joy of that with minimal effort. Here’s the #WorththeHype break down… 

The Official Line

Sisley have homed in on their skincare expertise, promising that this will ‘provide vitamins and minerals needed for scalp and hair vitality’ in the formula, with ingredients including zinc, copper, camellia oil, and B vitamins. It’s sulphate-free and contains ‘ultra-soft surfectants’, presumably to give that lovely foam that says ‘clean’, without stripping hair. Sisley don’t go into what specifically offers the volume bit, through the ingredients list implies that each hair strand will be nourished and therefore stand its own ground, so to speak.

The Pros

It foams. I know that this is contentious – many say foam is just an addition to hair products to con you into feeling it’s clean without any real benefits, but it’s a very tangible way to make sure all hair is being washed. Said foam is different to the run of the mill – it’s more dense and feels, for want of a better word, softer.

One wash is enough. Sometimes, I need to go in twice with other shampoos for my hair to feel clean, but not with this one, which I find very agreeable given my aforementioned impatience when it comes to grooming hair.

The results. Prior to getting my hands on this, my hair had been looking a bit sad and flat. I’d beg my colourist, Jack Howard, to add subtle highlights to restore its oomph. After a single wash with this, my hair definitely looked more lustrous. A month in, and people keep commenting on how shiny and bouncy it is. 

No dandruff. I don’t suffer year round, but I am prone to the odd bit when the seasons shift. This time round, nothing. Even the Best From The East didn’t dry out my scalp and make it flake.

The Con

The money. Only one con here, but £54 really is a LOT for a shampoo. I can reason that it’s fine because it does the job of shampoo and scalp care while also minimising my grooming time and products used post for shine, but there’s no getting away from the fact that it’s quite spendy. 

The Verdict

Hands down the best shampoo I’ve ever used for shine and body, I’d really recommend this, provided you’re willing to dig deep for it.

When is it out and how much does it cost?

Now! It’s £54. 


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