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by: Ava Welsing-Kitcher
12 Jun 2017

So this is what 7 million YouTube subscribers can buy you these days… Nice work, Zoe Sugg

Zoe Sugg — AKA Zoella — kicked off her ‘career’ as a teen which saw her posting fashion and beauty videos to YouTube, fast-forward eight years and she’s one of the most successful vloggers of all time, has her very own range of beauty products and has released her first book Girl Online which was the fast selling debut novel of all time. So, you know, she’s doing alright for herself…

Upgrading from her current living situ of a gorgeous five-bedroom home, wich she shared with her boyfriend, vlogger Alfie Deyes, Zoella’s all ready to settle into her new place – and from the looks of things, it’s her most lavish home yet.

Fans of the vlogging duo were quick to speculate that they were calling it quits when they noticed a lag in their daily vlogs, but Zoella was quick to reassure everyone that the chaos of moving was to blame for their lack of videos.

“We’ve been packing since February. We decided to do it ourselves – don’t do that. It takes so long it consumes your life,” she said in a vlog, showing followers sneak peaks of the new place. “We’ve still being trying to do other things and pack but it’s been very difficult – that is why there’s been a lull in the old vlogs.”

We expect a full tour of the new house will appear on either of their channels soon, but for now, check out Zoella’s vlog where she shows everyone her favourite bits – plus her humongous new garden…

Back in March 2016, Zoella put all of her hard work and the growing fortune she’s accumulated over the years to very good use to buy her first proper house with Alfie Deyes.

For most 24-year-old’s, the prospect of buying their very own house is something that’s either in the very distant future or involves a smallish two-bed with a kitchen-come-lounge rolled into one. But not for Zoella…

Zoella first lived in a luxury flat in East Sussex without boyfriend Alfie, before cashing in on the couple’s first home – a huge five-bedroom house in Brighton.

Revealing the news to her very loyal fans, Zoe tweeted her excitement: ‘It has been a secret and this is the first time Alfie and I have lived together. ‘Moving house is stressful and time consuming. We have rooms full of boxes.’ And, rather adorably, she had already dubbed her new home the ‘Zalfie Pad.’

As well as a stunning interior and breathtaking exterior, the house also boasted five en-suite bathrooms, solid oak floors, a designer kitchen and a casual log cabin.

How could she afford such a place, you ask? Well, at the time, she had 7 million subscribers (she now has nearly 12 million) to her YouTube channel which received around 12 million hits a month. Back then, Zoella could command £20,000 a month from advertisers who wanted to place products alongside her videos and blog posts.

If that’s not enough to make us want to give up our day jobs, the rest of these glorious housey pics ought to do it…

Zoella, we salute you!

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