Medium haircuts for women

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Alexa Chung is one of the examples for women with long face and she looks stunning with her cute medium length shag. She has her hair cut with Medium Haircuts for women for about a year and it looks never been better. The haircut is perfect for them and also perfect for different occasions, because it has more than one version.

Alexa Chung shows that the medium length hairstyles are as limitless as the long hair ones. In fact Medium Haircuts for women It is known is easier to make compared to long hair. On several occasions Alexa showed the two signature look of the hair that makes them known and famous. The version number is to the soft waves on your shag, the beautiful fall off the face. With the hair and shoulder length, the hair looks so flattering for her long face. Version number two is the angular ones, as she wears her hair nervously and of course with the seemingly effortless waves.

Medium Haircuts For Women With Thick Hair

If you inspired by Alexa Chung’s medium haircuts for women, then you can ask your stylist to help you get the hair. The secret of success of getting the haircut is minimally layers cut into your hair. This is a typical piece of thick and y ends Shag, but the minimum layer.

For the Pony Medium Haircuts for women You can also use the one from Alexa Chung called the front skimming bangs. Remember, though, that this is not too short or you will look dated and if it is longer than it should be, then you will be faced with the bangs from one side to the other to sweep all the time. So better make sure your stylist knows how to make the perfect pony before you cut your hair

Medium Haircuts For Women 2014


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