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While we strongly recommend the crew cut for its easy and simple style, no matter which version you choose, the modern and classic crew cut is still a favorite barbershop. Below, our guide will discuss everything you need to know about the crew cut. With short or long hair on the top and the appropriate lengths to ask your hairdresser the many different crew cut styles, we'll cover everything you need to know to get the best crew cut!

  Crew Cut

What's a Crew Cut?

The simplest way to describe the crew cut is that this classic men's haircut is a longer version of cut buzz. Also known as the chic Ivy League haircut, modern crew cuts follow the trend of "short sides, long high" hair with a fade or undercut on the sides. And while buzz cuts are often cut with the help of hair clippers and zoomed using a number 1 or 2 guard size, the crew cut lengths range from 1 to 3 inches on the top

the back and sides are faded and slowly blend into long hair on the top, you can expect your hairdresser to know exactly how to cut your hair. This slender flush cut allows for a little contrast instead of just one length, providing a clean cut.

 Crew Cut Hair

The Crew Cut is a versatile hairstyle which suits all forms of face. It can be sleek and swept to the side, or messy and textured for a natural finish. The way you choose to style your team hair will determine whether you use ointment, wax or clay as a styling product.

Types of Crew Cutting

With so many different types of cuts, it can be helpful for guys to have visual examples for their own haircut ideas. If you are planning on making a team cut, check out the models below to see which short or long, modern or classic haircut is best for you.

Classic Crew Cut

The classic crew cut usually retains the short hairs theme on the top, but allows slightly longer hairs on the sides. Instead of a fade, this traditional cut is more conservative and often a safer choice for older men.

 Classic Cut Crew

Modern Cut Crew

The modern cut of the crew is the avant-garde way to get this cut, resulting in a style that stands out. Guys can ask for shaved sides with two inches of hair on top for maximum contrast. You may even want to combine a team cut with a beard to snatch the sleek modern gentleman

 Modern Crew Cut

Crew Cut Fade

The Crew Cut is the Medium the most common to get this haircut. With so many different types of fade haircuts, men can adapt this look as they want. For example, there are high, medium and low fades, each of them determining where the tapering will start. You also have the option of bald skin or fade, which gradually mixes the hair into the skin.

 Crew Cut Fade

Long Crew Cut

The long crew cut provides flexibility. With longer hair on top, guys are able to style, including a smooth back, fake hawk, comb over fade, or quiff. Although you can keep the sides shaved or buzzed, you should just tell your hairstylist that you want a crew cut but longer, like two to three inches in length.

 Long Crew Cut

Short Crew Cut [19659011] The short crew cut the edges by being a long cut of buzz. Generally, a buzz cut requires an inch or less of hair length, so expect a short brush cut of about one to two inches.

 Short Crew Cut

How to Make a Team Cup

A team cut at home is not difficult, especially if you want the top of a single length and slightly shorter sides. All you need is a good hair cutter with several sizes of guard

 How to make a cut of the team

However, if you want a cut of the team , discoloration of the sides may not be the guys can do well. Making a good fade requires skill and a keen eye, especially when you gradually blend hair from one length to the other. If you want the perfect haircut, we recommend you visit a hair salon and ask for a team haircut instead.

Here's how to get a good haircut from the team.

  1. Start with the hair on the sides and tell your barber want your fade. A skin fade is sexy and rebellious, and your barber will start to buzz the sides with just the blade on the trimmer. If you want a little hair, ask for a number 1 along the neck and ears.
  2. From the top of your head to your ears, the hair should be progressively shorter. Move around a guard size while you slowly work your head. Transitions should be transparent and natural.
  3. The hair at the top of the head should be the longest. For a short cut of the crew, bordering a buzz cut, use the trimmer size of 1 "for a long cut of the team, you may need to cut with scissors If not, tell your hairstylist how long you want the hair to be on top.
  4. If you want to be able to point the front, sweep it to the side, or lay it flat for a French haircut or short bangs, ask your hairdresser

The beauty of the crew cut is that you can let it grow and use long hair to comb a comb, make a blouse or other hairstyles d & # 39; Cool Men's Style A Cut Crew

The modern men's cut is short enough for style to be optional.In fact, the crew cut is a hairstyle that can go all day effortlessly If crunched for the hour on a Monday morning, even the headboard will look trendy and hot.Although messy and natural can work, there are variations to change your look

 How to create a team cut

For example, men can combine their cut of crew with a beard for a manly style. The best beard styles cut in teams will start with a fade on the sides, perhaps a textured top, and a thick beard that complements the badass look.

 Crew Cut Beard Styles

Another popular way of crew cut style is the Ivy League haircut, where men can brush their hair to the side for a clean cut. It looks good if you have stiff, thick hair.

 Ivy League Haircut - Long Crew Cut

The crew cut is manageable, but you will need to make fresh haircuts with your barber weeks to maintain. Alternatively, eliminate the top for a long cut of the team for a tousled look

The best hair product to style a crew cut

The best hair product for a crew cut is an ointment, wax or clay – whatever you choose It depends on how you want to style your hair. Because different grooming products offer different levels of support and shine, guys have a few brands to choose from.

If you want a textured cut with a matte finish, use a good wax for medium to high hair. For a messy or clean hairstyle with a shiny look, think of a premium ointment. Finally, if you want a lightweight hair product that allows movement and volume for the most natural finish, apply some clay.

Here are the best men's styling products on the market!

Best Crew Cuts

From David Beckham to Zayn Malik to Zac Efron, there is no shortage of evidence that crew cut haircuts are a grooming movement that will always be smooth and impressive. Check out our guide below for more examples of the best cut men's haircuts.

Textured Crew Cut

 Textured Crew Cut

Disordered Crew Cut + Gradient Bald

 + Faded Bald Senior


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